If you feel in any way that you sometimes don't feel like you accept
yourself, please add this to your daily prayers. Or give it to somebody who 
might need it. Say it every day from your heart, give it a month, wait until 
you see changes in your heart and  your  behavior. 

Prayer for  Self-Acceptance

Dearest Father God, in humility, I come to you, to ask you to help me accept myself as I am. I often criticize myself so badly, compare myself to others, that I often feel like I hate myself. I also don't like what I see in the mirror. These bad thoughts about myself make me feel small, resentful and unworthy of your love which makes me unable to contribute the beauty of my soul. 
Please help me to love myself as I am. To see myself as you see me. Please 
help me to accept my body with all its beauty and perfection just the way you made it. Give me the knowledge and the wisdom to know how to protect and keep it safe and healthy. Help me to never compromise my integrity, to be 
authentic, truthful and honest in everything that I never again need to reject myself or sabotage my own happiness.  
From now on, let every action, every word, every reaction, every thought, and every emotion of mine, be based on love. Help me, my dearest Father, to 
trust you fully. Let the power of your love break all the lies I was programmed to believe, all the lies that tell me I am not good enough, not strong enough, smart enough, I am not rich enough, that I cannot make it. Let the power of your love be present in my whole being that I see myself and everyone through the eyes of your love. Help me that I no longer need to live my life according to other people’s expectations, but by your will. 
Dearest Father, help me to know that you are always with me, so that I don't have any fear to make the choices I must make or take actions I must take. Help me to never again be afraid of facing the responsibilities in my life or afraid of facing any problems, to remember that we will resolve them together as they arise. And when I don't do things right, help me to be patient with myself, to have the courage and humility to make the necessary changes without beating myself down. 
Starting today, dearest Father, help me to remember how loved I am, so that  I never set up any circumstances that go against my own joy and peace or 
anyone else's. Help me to live my life being myself and not pretending to be someone else. Help me to remember how much you rejoice in my efforts done 
honesty more than my accomplishments.  
Dear Father, please take away from me, the desire to need other people to 
accept me or tell me how good I am. With the help of your grace, teach me to love what I see every time I look in the mirror and help me to see what I see when I close my eyes, the beauty of my soul. 
Help me to accept everyone the way they are, to respect them and to love 
them without judgment. Because when I judge, I carry blame and guilt, I become bitter and I lose my peace and the perspective of your love. Help me to remember that when I reject others, I reject myself and when I reject myself, I reject You. 
Clean my mind of any emotional poison it has known through abusive words, 
actions of others and of myself. Heal my soul from the harm I have done to it by judging or any other way so I can live in complete peace and love. With the help of your grace, let me transform every relationship I have, beginning with the relationship I have with You. Help me to be free of any conflict with others. Let me be happy to share my time with my loved ones and to forgive them for any injustice and hurt I feel in my mind.  
Give me to love my family and friends unconditionally, to find better, loving ways to communicate with everyone, that there is no war of control, there is no winner or loser. Together let us work for love, for joy and harmony. And please help me to choose good friends. Let my relationships with everyone be based on respect and joy. 
Today is a new beginning. Help me to start my life over, beginning today 
knowing you love me so much. Help me to love my life, to love others and 
treat them with dignity, to explore life, to take reasonable and meaningful 
risks, to be happy to be alive and to no longer live in fear of love. Let me open my heart to the love that is my birthright. Help me to become great in 
Gratitude, Generosity, Compassion, Kindness and Love so that I can be at 
peace with all of your creations forever and ever. Amen.



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