Hail Holy Queen,
       Gate of Heaven,
       and Advocate of sinners,
guard us from all evil,
and continue to intercede for us,
       your unworthy servants.

Powerful Mother, we rely
       on your protection
       because nobody like you
       could be so near to the Son of God.
We come to you, Mediatrix of the world,
       and we invoke your protection.

Holy Virgin, if you wish to save us,
       take us in your holy protection
       because outside of you
       we have no hope of salvation.
Queen of Angels, receive our prayers
       that we direct to you as your servants.

Make our prayers
reach the altar of the Most High
so that we may obtain grace, salvation,
and response to our problems.



Anonymous,  September 20, 2012 at 9:39 PM  

I have a gaping boil like an open wound which is taking long to close up and heal. Pls pray for me. I have said the Prayer of our Mother for her protection and invoking her blessed son's healing hand through her invocation to him. Heal me Jesus!

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