Most Holy Trinity,
       I ask You to forgive all my sins.
       I ask You for pardon especially for
I promise that I would avail of
       the Sacrament of Reconciliation
              as soon as possible.
       where You are waiting
              to break the chain of sin
              that enslaves me
              to God's enemy.
I know Lord that You always forgive me,
       but above all,
       that You are waiting for me
       to erase all my sins
       through a sincere Confession.
If I will not go to Confession,
       You have pardoned me,
       but You have not yet
       freed me fully from my sins.
       and for that reason,
       I could still lose my salvation.
I also know that in Confession,
       You will strengthen me
       in order to say no
       to temptations.
Thank You, Lord,
       for your forgiveness, and
       for establishing a perfect Communion
              and covenant
              between You and I.
Thank You, O Lord,
       for coming to my help, and
       for the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Thank You for sending
       the Virgin Mary,
       the Holy Angels, and
       St. Michael, my defender.



Cindy Dy January 23, 2015 at 4:41 PM  

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