This is a different kind of army.  With our Faith as our shield, and our prayers being our weapons, we become a living prayer.

Reminder of what to do to be a part of this army:

1. Now, and then everyday when you wake up in the morning, say a cleansing prayer (for the cleansing prayer I use, please see below) and then consecrate yourself, your family, and your home to the
"Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, The Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to God, the Eternal Father of Heaven and earth."
2. Offer yourself each day as a warrior in the Army Of God and ask the Lord Jesus to lead you with His light as you move in the world.  Then believe that He is guiding you, and that what you are doing is what He wants you to be doing.  Ask for clarity and discernment to know what is not His will, as well.
3. Offer your day as a prayer; all the good, the bad, the pain and suffering, the joy and happiness, the success, the failures and everything that comes from this day becomes a solid prayer.
4. Then, even when you put your head down at night to sleep, your guardian angel will continue the work.

Cleansing Prayers and Consecration:

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I bind all spirits, thoughts and feelings that are not of You, my Lord, Jesus, and I cast them off, rendering them powerless and unable to return.

With Your Precious Blood, Jesus, I cleanse 1.) (name immediate family members) and myself, and our whole (extended) family wherever they are in the world, 2.) I cleanse (name business associates) and their families, 3.) all of our friends and their families, and 4.) anyone who has anything to do with the Holy Innocence Prayerline and their families...through body, soul, heart, mind, and spirit.  Cover all of us with Your Precious Blood, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit...that every word we say today be Your words, every thought be Your thoughts, every decision we make be Your Will, every step we take be in Your Light.

And with Your Precious Blood, Jesus, I cleanse all of our homes, everyone's businesses, (be as specific as you want in naming homes and businesses) in, over, under, around and through, all property air above, ground below, and cover all of it with Your Precious blood above around, and under, and fill it with Your Holy Spirit, that every breath we take is You, everything we do and say is You, everything we want to do, or want to say is You.

And with Your Precious Blood, Jesus, I cleanse all of our lives and livelihoods, over, under, around and through.  Cover all with Your Precious blood, and fill all with your Holy Spirit that everything we do to sustain ourselves on the earth so as to continue being on earth for You...including making money and attaining food and so on, be of You in every way.

Now I consecrate all of us, our homes and properties, our businesses and properties, and our lives and livelihoods... to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to you Eternal Father in Heaven...through (Name which Saints you wish to have as intercessors), through all family who have gone before us (name specific members who have died as you wish) especially anyone still in Purgatory, through all of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, through the Holy Innocence, and through all of angels and Saints, especially our guardian angels, and patron saints. Amen.

If you would like to be a part of the Intercessory Army Of God, please send an email to:

Thank you all for being a part of this effort.  Keep yourself, your family, and your home and property cleansed, protected with the Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ, and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to God the Father of Heaven and earth.

Let's pray for this world to return to the arms of Jesus.  For our leaders, for our countries, and for all of the lost souls...including anyone in our own families.



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