"Who can accompany us better on this demanding  journey of holiness than Mary? Who can teach us to adore Christ better than she? May she help especially the new generations to recognize the true face of God in Christ and to worship, love and serve Him with total dedication."  ~ Pope Benedict XVI, August 7, 2005

"Mary is the full-of-grace woman, chosen and prepared by God to bear and bring up his Son, the world's Saviour .... The Mother of the Eucharist ardently desires to share its graces with us from her privileged position next to her Son's tabernacle-throne." ~ Mary and the  Eucharist

"If our life were not under Mary's  protection, we might tremble for our perseverance and salvation." ~ St. Peter Julian  Eymard

"Mary is the house and the palace of the Great King, of God Himself. Our Lord, the co-equal Son of God, once dwelt in her. He was her guest; nay, more than a guest, for a guest comes into a house as well as leaves it. But 
Our Lord was actually born in this Holy house. He took His flesh and His blood from this house, from the flesh,  from the veins of Mary. Rightly then was she made to be of pure gold,  because she was to give of that gold to 
form the body of the Son of God. She was GOLDEN in her conception, GOLDEN in her birth. She went through  the fire of her suffering, life gold in the furnace, and when she ascended on  high, she was, in the words of our hymn, Above all the Angels in glory untold,  Standing next to the King in a vesture of gold." ~ Blessed John Henry  Newman



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