Lust – No sins, my children, ruin and destroy a soul so quickly as this shameful sin; it snatches us out of the hands of the good God and hurls us like a stone into an abyss of mire and corruption. Once plunged in this mire, we cannot get out, we make a deeper hole in it every day, we sink lower and lower. Then we lose the faith, we laugh at the truths of religion, we no longer see Heaven, we do not fear Hell.

O my children! How much are they to be pitied who give way to this passion! How wretched they are! Their soul, which was so beautiful, which attracted the eyes of the good God, over which He leaned as one leans over a perfumed rose, has become like a rotten carcass, of which the pestilential odor rises even to His throne.

See, my children! Jesus Christ endured patiently, among His Apostles, men who were proud, ambitious, greedy – even one who betrayed Him; but He could not bear the least stain of impurity in any of them; it is of all vices that which He has most in abhorrence: “My Spirit does not dwell in you,” the Lord says, “if you are nothing but flesh and corruption.”

God gives up the impure to all the wicked inclinations of his heart. He lets him wallow, like the vile swine, in the mire, and does not even let him smell its offensive exhalations…. The immodest man is odious to everyone, and is not aware of it. God has set the mark of disgrace on his forehead, and he is not ashamed; he has a face of brass and a heart of bronze; it is in vain you talk to him of honor, of virtue; he is full of arrogance and pride. The eternal truths; death, judgment, paradise, hell – nothing terrifies him, nothing can move him.

So, my children, of all sins, that of impurity is the most difficult to eradicate. Other sins forge for us chains of iron, but this one makes them of bull’s hide, which can be neither broken nor torn; it is a fire, a furnace, which consumes even to the most advanced old age. See those two infamous old men who attempted the purity of the chaste Susannah; they had kept the fire of their youth even till they were decrepit. When the body is worn out with debauchery, when they can no longer satisfy their passions, they supply the place of it, oh, shame! by infamous desires and memories.

With one foot in the grave, they still speak the language of passion, till their last breath; they die as they have lived, impenitent; for what penance can be done by the impure, what sacrifice can be imposed on himself at his death, who during his life has always given way to his passions? Can one at the last moment expect a good confession, a good Communion, from him who has concealed one of these shameful sins, perhaps, from his earliest youth – who has heaped sacrilege on sacrilege? Will the tongue, which has been silent up to this day, be unloosed at the last moment?
No, no, my children; God has abandoned him; many sheets of lead already weigh upon him; he will add another, and it will be the last. ~ St. John Marie Vianney



andre,  July 24, 2012 at 7:10 AM  

A beautiful article by St. John Vianney! My beloved Saint, I am sorry to disagree on your profoind opinion that the sin of Impurity and Lust cannot be forgiven anymore. For in Prayer, everything can be obtained. Lust can kill the soul but Prayer said with Sincerity and Devotion to obtain Forgiveness from God for the so many years of the sin of Impurity can resurrect the soul and restore it to its wondrous beauty because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO GOD. The bitter PASSION, CRUCIFIXION and DEATH of JESUS enables the soul of a sinner to be forgiven if and only if HE RETURNS TO GOD by confessing all his sins. To say the least that sinners cannot be forgiven is denying the precious sacrifice of JESUS and the SACRAMENT of PENANCE HE LOVINGLY GAVE US so that once again we can be united with HIM!! I sincerely believe with all my HEART that sins of IMPURITY can be washed away drop by drop by the MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD of JESUS and the dark soul slowly shines into everlasting union with God.

Anonymous,  July 26, 2012 at 7:06 AM  

No sin cannot be forgiven. Below is the Prayer of St. Anselm ( doctor of the church ) to St. Mary Magdalene which differs from the view of St. John Vianney. Due to limited space, it would be deeply appreciated if this can be published in full in your very inspiring HEALING GRACE BLOG. Thank you.

St. Mary Magdalene, you came with springing tears to the spring of mercy, Christ; from Him your burning thirst was abundantly refreshed through Him your sins were forgiven; by Him your bitter sorrow was consoled.

My dearest lady, well you know by your own life how a sinful soul can be reconciled with its Creator, what counsel a soul in misery needs, what medicine will restore the sick to health. It is enough for us to understand, dear friend of God, to whom were many sins forgiven, because she loved much.

Most blessed lady, I who am the most evil and sinful of men do not recall your sins as a reproach, but call upon the boundless mercy by which they were blotted out. This is my reassurance, so that I do not despair; this is my longing, so that I shall not perish.

I say this of myself, miserably cast down into the depths of vice, bowed down with the weight of crimes, thrust down by my own hand into a dark prison of sins, wrapped round with the shadows of darkness.

Therefore, since you are now with the chosen because you are beloved and are beloved because you are chosen of God, I, in my misery, pray to you, in bliss; in my darkness, I ask for light; in my sins, redemption; impure, I ask for purity.

Recall in loving kindness what you used to be, how much you needed mercy, and seek for me that same forgiving love that you received when you were wanting it. Ask urgently that I may have the love that pierces the heart; tears that are humble; desire for the homeland of heaven; impatience with this earthly exile; searing repentance; and a dread of torments in eternity.

Turn to my good that ready access that you once had and still have to the spring of mercy.

Wenx July 29, 2012 at 9:35 PM  

Thank you friend. I will feature St. Anselm and his prayers here. Will do more research on him. God bless you and keep you.

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