It is not possible to relay all of the miracles connected to the Divine Mercy and the promise Jesus made to mankind in regards to the image and the chaplet. To list all, would fill many books by themselves. There is much less written about the miracles than has taken place. This is because they are often personal and people do not report them. For instance, a gentleman from America bought himself an alarm watch which he set to off at 3: pm. At this time every day whether he was working or at leisure, he would pray the chaplet. One time, he was ill and an operation was scheduled, which meant he was unable to pray the chaplet on that day. He was somewhat anxious, the operation was risky. He was being prepared just before the hour of Divine Mercy, and silently he prayed asking Jesus to forgive him for not being able to pray the chaplet. He described that after he had prayed, he looked up and saw Jesus as He is shown in the Divine Mercy Image. Jesus smiled at him. This is one personal account out of thousands that has never been made public.

In 1993, there was a miracle that is not well known. The events surrounding it are undeniable, and because of its nature it is surprising that it never made International front page news headlines. It should have done! It never left the tight knit Christian circle, when in truth, it is God and so every human being has a right to be told.

Stanley Villavicencio was born in Bais, Negros Oriental in the Philippines. He was raised a Roman Catholic and had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart (Divine Love) of Jesus Christ. It is a devotion that started when he was in grade school at the Sacred Heart Academy in Bais, Negro Oriental. He married a nurse, Melissa Gantuangco Villar and moved to Cebu in Mambaling. Close to his house was a chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This had a great baring on his decision to buy the house. Unfortunately, after moving, it was discovered that the chapel was portable, erected only during the fiesta celebration and dismantled afterwards. In 1983, Stanley became Chapel President. A neighbor donated some land close by in order for a permanent chapel to be built for the Christian Community. Stanley was basically and ordinary man. In 1993, he was an employee of AVSECOM (The Aviation Security Command). He also became a member of the Perpetual Dawn Rosary Association in Cebu.

In the Cebu Roman Catholic Community, there is a tradition that when ever a special family occasion occurs in a house hold, the head of the family receives into the home a large statue of the Virgin Mary. March 2, 1993 is a birthday of one of Stanley's children, therefore, that morning, he was to receive the statue. However, when the statue arrived just before eight o'clock in the morning, Stanley was not up and so his mother-in-law received it. Being concerned, she entered Stanley's bedroom.

Stanley, the night before he retired, was perfectly healthy. But this particular morning his mother-in-law found him convulsing. Blood was spurting from his mouth with incredible force. She felt his pulse which was too weak to detect. When she forced open his eyes, they were white. An ambulance was called and Stanley was taken to Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu. He was rushed to the Emergency Room. There, still bleeding profusely from his mouth, and convulsing, he was injected with the maximum dose of Valium to try to stop the convulsions and slow down the huge quantity of blood pouring from his mouth. The doctors ran all sorts of tests. They could not locate the source of the bleeding, nor any kind of illness. They took a blood test with view of giving him a blood transfusion, but his blood count was normal which medically was impossible, it meant that his body was not short of blood, despite the fact he had lost so much blood. Stanley slipped into a coma. His heart beat became slower, his skin color turned gray and then he stopped breathing. He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit, where a specialist inserted an Ambue Bag, the end - tracheal tube being placed through his nose, going down to his stomach. This was the only form of life support that the Hospital had available. An I.V. drip was placed into a vein in his hand, running dextrose fluid into his system.

However, very quickly, Stanley's organs shut down. He was declared "brain dead". His family at first did not believe this. Mainly because Stanley had shown no previous signs of being ill and the doctors were unable to determine what was wrong. However, by the second day, the family prepared for Stanley's funeral. His coffin was arranged, a burial plot, and a burial gown. By the third day Stanley's blood had congealed in the bottom of his legs and feet and rigomortis begun to set in.

Early in the morning on the third day, Stanley's wife brought the burial gown to the Hospital to prepare her husband. Neighbors gathered outside of the chapel to receive Stanley's coffin. Flowers were laid out for the wake. A death certificate was already signed. But Stanley came back from the dead, perfectly healthy, as if nothing had happened. While his heart was flat line, his brain dead, Stanley had in spirit met for the first time "Jesus Christ of the Divine Mercy".

Now, the fact is, that all of Stanley's medical records show this happened. He was first in a coma and then dead. Every sequence of his medical attention was, as is the custom, documented. On investigation these records were examined and all medical staff involved, questioned.

Stanley came to England in the year 2001. Here, he very kindly gave an interview, in which he described the events and his experience during death, and how after he was sent back with a mission. This is his testimony. No attempt has been made to edit Stanley's account or accent: the way he speaks the English language.

Stanley's words:
"Before I will give my testimony, I just want to inform you that after what happened to me, I was just going round giving my testimony in my own dialect. You see, the Philippines is composed of more than seven hundred islands and almost every island has different dialect. The Philippines is divided into three major parts; Luzon, Mindano and Visayas. I belong to Visayas because I am living in Cebu. So I was giving my testimony in Visayas only, until one time Father Seraphim Mekalanco, the Spiritual Director of the Divine Mercy nationwide invited me to give a talk in Manila. At first, I am happy because I can go to Manila, but then a day before I was so worried because I do not know how to speak the dialect, because in Manila the dialect is Gallo and I do not know how to speak the Gallo. I was worried and so I asked the Lord 'What shall I do?' Then the following day, early in the morning Jesus appeared to me, to my dream and said: "Do not worry. Just do your best and I shall do the rest". So I went to Manila and when I am holding the microphone to give my testimony, I am thinking my testimony in my own local dialect, and it came out in the Gallo. So they understand me.

"And now comes Father Seraphim, the Head of the Divine Mercy International based in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. He invited me to give a series of talks in the United States, Canada and Mexico and the problem is, I do not know how to speak the English. So again I was worried and because in Cebu, the owner of the University is a Divine Mercy devotee, so he instructed the English Department to translate my testimony from our local dialect to English and after several months they finished the translation.

"They give it to me and it is as thick as this! And they said to me, 'Stanley you memorize that'. And, I said 'No. I cannot memorize it anymore'. Then they said 'Ok you just read it' and I said, 'I cannot read it also because it is my testimony, if I will read it, it will be lifeless.' So I went to America leaving behind the translation and upon reaching the States I confided to Father Seraphim everything, so Father Seraphim was so worried because my first testimony will be at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. And I will be speaking together with Mother Angelica, the audience is almost seven thousand. Father Seraphim was so worried, so I told him, 'Father don't worry. Anyway, I did not come to America to proclaim my mercy, I am here to proclaim God's Mercy'. So when I was holding the microphone, I am thinking of my own local dialect, but then it came out English and after that I already know how to speak English.

"What I am going to tell you is what happened to me. About my own personal encounter with Jesus Christ of the Divine Mercy. When you hear my testimony, I hope it will increase your faith, and that you know that there really is a God and that God is a living God. What happened to me, happened on March 2, 1993. That was a Tuesday and a birthday of one of my children. By the way, I had ten children, but now I have thirteen. And by the way, I am a member of the Perpetual Dawn Rosary.

"It is our practice that whenever there is an occasion at our house, we invite the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is also our practice that whenever the Virgin comes into our house it is I who has to receive the Virgin. But on that day, when the Virgin is already in our house, whatever they do to wake me up, I cannot be awaken, so it is my mother-in-law who received the Virgin.

"At eight o'clock that morning, my mother-in-law said, she heard me moaning and moaning. So she tried to look at me in my room and she found me lying in bed. Trembling vigorously. Blood coming out of my mouth forcefully. And it was the sister of my father-in-law, who is a nurse, was present, so attended to me immediately. And as she touches my pulse, she cannot find any pulse anymore - and as she touches my chest, my heart beat is already very slow. And when they open my eyes, both eyes are already in white, so they asked help from our neighbors and they brought me to Chong Hua Hospital. At Chong Hua Hospital, we have four specialist doctors and the doctor said that my chance of survival is one in a million, because my heart beat is already slow.

"As I enter the Emergency Room I cannot breathe anymore, even with the help of oxygen, so they transferred me to I.C.U. or the Intensive Care Unit, so my breathing can be aided, or forcing oxygen inside. At the I.C.U. my trembling did not stop and the blood was still coming out from my mouth, so the doctor injected me with Valium to control everything.

"Because Negros Island and Cebu are just very near, so that day my relatives arrive. Among them is my father who is a doctor and my sister who is also a doctor and the cousin of my wife were already present. By the way, my wife is also a nurse.

"The following day, the doctors called up my wife and asked her permission to take me off of all the life support apparatus. So my wife called up our house and asked that my long sleeve shirt, for my burial be prepared. And my mother-in- law says she has a memorial plan and that her memorial plan is transferable. So she had it transferred to my name. Meaning! I will be the one using her coffin. And it also happened we had a reservation at the Queen City Garden Cemetery in Cebu, because when my father-in-law died in 1987, we bought three lots, so they process all the papers so they can bring me to the Queen City Garden. Meaning, everything is already ready. I have the long shirt to wear for my burial, I have already a coffin to sleep in, I have already a cemetery to live in.

"But God had a different plan, because my wife did not agree to remove the life support apparatus attached to my body. In fact my relatives, they take in turns to watch over me. But it is only my body present at Chong Hua Hospital, because I saw a light, a very big bright light, but not glaring. You can stare at it. It is like a fountain. It is like a fog as it slowly evaporates, until I notice someone is standing in front of me. And when I look at His face, I recognize Him as Jesus.

"As we are looking at each other, He raised His left hand and when He raised His left hand, the clouds above were sucked downwards and when they reach just above us, the clouds keep on turning and changes in color and when it stops it becomes like a video screen. And He showed me the film of my life, from my childhood up to my present. And I notice that every time I do good, it just goes on normally and I also notice that every time I commit a sin, suddenly it would go into slow motion as if He wants to show us that what we have done is wrong, as if He wants to show us that what we have done is a sin. And because I have also committed bigger sins, sins like what we call the mortal sin.

"Every time it shows up, suddenly it would stop, came closer and enlarged it. Then I said to myself, 'Why should this be included? There must be no word of sin saw in Heaven, because it is just too bad to look at, but even if I closed my eyes I could still see it.

"Also I notice that every time I commit a sin, I could feel the heaviness. I could feel the weight. The more I commit a sin, the more the heaviness, the more the weight. And I also notice that every time I do good, for example, if I give something to the poor, I could feel as if I were floating. So it is really true what is written in the Bible, 'That what so every you do to the less of your brethren, that you do unto Me." "And I also notice that the sins I did not confess to a Priest it is too heavy, and also I notice that the sins that I confessed to a Priest, it is lighter. And we cannot deny anything because the screen is so big and very clear and also the pictures are also big and below the pictures are written the day, the month, the date and the year. And below that it is also written the hour, the minutes and the seconds. So, we cannot deny anything, even the seconds are recorded. In fact, He reviewed my film three times and after our long conversation, He tapped my shoulder and as He was tapping my shoulder, He said to me, 'You go back now, because you still have so many things to do. You still have so many things to finish. If I have something for you or if I have a message for you, I will just appear to you in your dream.'

"After He say that, I was at the I.C.U. of the Chong Hua Hospital. Suddenly I got up. I could feel my body so light and my head suppressed. That when I got up, I removed the oxygen from my nose. After removing oxygen, there is a tube going down into my intestine, so I slowly remove the tube because it tickles me. And after removing the tube, I slowly remove the I.V. from my hand and because there is a nurse who saw everything, and that she was so afraid that she ran away. In fact, she said, one of the heels of her shoes was broken.

"When the nurse returns she has other nurses, doctors and the technicians, they are all running and when they reach me, they put me to bed again. And one of the doctors put on his telescope and examined me and after a short examination, the doctor put off his telescope, put it beside him and he asked for another. Meaning! He did not believe his telescope. He was given another telescope and he put it on and re-examined me again and after a long examination, the doctor looked at my E.C.G. because every bed in the I.C.U. has its own E.C.G. And he said, since I was admitted at the I.C.U. my E.C.G. was just a straight line, but now they were so surprised because my E.C.G. was working normally and because the technicians were already present, so they subjected me to X-rays, laboratory tests and brain scan. And now, all the results are in negative, meaning, I am not sick.

"The doctors were all surprised and they asked permission to have another set of examinations, because they said there might be something wrong with the apparatus. We consented, and they subjected me again to another ultra sound, laboratory tests and brain scan, all except the X-ray. And again, all the results were in negative: meaning, I am not really sick. So the doctors said 'There is nothing now that we can really do, it is already a miracle.'

"When I woke up, I woke up at eight o'clock in the morning of Friday. If you will count from eight 'clock in the morning of Tuesday, to eight o'clock in the morning to Friday, that is exactly three days. And because of that, the media was alerted. The television, the radio and newspaper. And because our Church, the Roman Catholic Church do not easily believe in miracles, so it has to be investigated and the investigation was led by Cardinal Vidal of Cebu.

"Cardinal Vidal leads the investigation in March. At the middle of September, Cardinal Vidal released a letter confirming what happened to me. And he gives me an endorsement letter, so that I could give testimony around the world.

"One of the doctors who was assigned to me at the I.C.U. , he is not just an ordinary doctor because when he took his medical examinations, he got the highest score all over the country and when he entered the Chong Hua Hospital, he was awarded as the most outstanding P.G.I. doctor. He was assigned to me at the I.C.U. from the very beginning, until I woke up. And because he cannot sleep anymore, so he entered the Seminary to become a Priest, and now he is already a Priest.

"From March 1993 up to now, Jesus keeps appearing to me to my dream. That is also accepted by our local Church. Because my Spiritual Director is Msgr Chris Garcia. He is one of the most holiest Priests in Cebu and he is also gifted. He has the gift of inner locution (inner telepathic voice), meaning he can also talk to Jesus. But he cannot see Jesus. But Jesus appears to me, to my dream, where I can see Him, where I can talk to Him, where I can touch Him, where I can even embrace Him. And what is best for us! Every time Jesus appears to me, He also tells my Spiritual Director, so there is a confirmation. That is why, where ever I go, it is embraced by the Church.

"Also during my investigation, the doctors asked the Priest, 'Where does all that blood come from? ' The blood coming out from my mouth is with force and continuously for several hours and why there was no blood transfusion. (Blood count showed no reduced level of blood). So the Priest prayed and after praying the answer that this blood coming out from my mouth is for cleansing. I have to be cleansed because I have to face the Lord - and they also said that is it also said in the Bible, that whoever sees the Lord will have to die, so I have to die. But because I have a mission, so I have to live again.

"Also they ask me: 'Why you? Why did Jesus choose you?' So I answered them. 'May be because I am nothing. May because I have nothing to be proud of except for my sins.' So, when I have a chance to talk with Jesus, I ask the Lord, 'My Lord, my God, why me? I am a sinner. I am a sinful man.' And Jesus answered, "You cannot appreciate the beauty of My mercy unless you experience the misery of sin.' And so I accepted my mission.

"Also so many are coming to me, so I ask the Lord: 'My Lord, my God! So many are coming to me and entrust their problems to me, what shall I do?' And Jesus answered: Just let them pray the chaplet unceasingly and they will be guided.'

"That is why now, in the Philippines, the chaplet is very popular, not only among the Catholics but also the other Church dominions because there are so many miracles that have been attributed to the chaplet. For example: Several months ago, my Spiritual Director, Msgr Chris Garcia, he had a slight stroke. So he was admitted at the Hospital, and the doctor said that he had a brain tumor and that there is a virus in his brain and that he cannot open his eyes because it is too painful. We went to the Hospital and we prayed the chaplet of Divine Mercy, together with Msgr Chris, and after we prayed the chaplet, several minutes later, he asked for his lap top computer. So you see the power of the chaplet. The miracle of the chaplet.

"The following day, we prayed again the chaplet. The doctors re-examined him and found him negative of everything. So on the third day he checked out of the Hospital as if nothing had happened. Do you see the power of the chaplet?

"Also, one of our Divine Mercy leaders in the Philippines, his wife was ill early in the morning. So they brought his wife to Hospital. The doctors gave him a prescription to buy the medicine and because he has no money, so he has to sell his pig. And the buyer paid him for the pig, but the buyer said that he would get the pig the following day.

"But that afternoon of that very day, the pig refused to stand up and refused to eat. So, he was so worried, because if something happens to the pig, they will be in trouble because, they buy the medicine. So he called all his children and explained to them everything; that they have to pray the chaplet for the pig. So they prayed the chaplet for the pig. But at the middle of praying the chaplet the children were laughing. They were all laughing because they said it was better to pray the chaplet for a human being, but not for a pig.

"He explained it again to them. He explained it again and again. And on the third time that they prayed the chaplet, the children prayed intensely and they finished praying the chaplet. After they finished praying the chaplet, the pig suddenly stood up and one of the children ran and got some food for the pig and the pig consumed everything. And the lesson is, if Jesus answered our prayers for a pig, how much more if we pray the chaplet for a human being.

"We have another leader of the Divine Mercy in the Philippines. He has several acres of rice fields and because he is poor he cannot afford to buy fertilizer, he cannot afford to buy insecticide. So, what he did every morning, he would roam around his rice field and pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy, everyday! Every morning! And also every afternoon. During the harvest time, his neighbors were all surprised, because during harvest time his harvest is much more than those using fertilizer and insecticide. So you see the miracle of the chaplet!

"Where ever I go, so many would ask me how soon is Jesus coming back? Or is the three days of darkness really true? Is the chastisement really true? So I answered them. Jesus said to me 'Don't be afraid'. Jesus said to me, 'Don't be afraid because I will take care of your future. Blessed are those taking advantage of My mercy while it is still the day of mercy but beware, because the day of Judgment is nearer than everyone thinks.'

"I asked the Lord, 'What are the sins that You cannot forgive?' Jesus said, 'All sins can be forgiven except if you refuse to believe that your sin can be forgiven.' That is the sin He cannot forgive, because Jesus said by refusing His mercy you are also refusing to believe that He is a God. (That is a sin against the Holy Spirit). That is why Jesus said, Before I come as Just Judge I will open wide the doors of My mercy'. But Jesus continued that it is also written in the Diary of St. Faustina, that 'he that refuses to pass through the doors of My mercy will have to pass through the doors of My Justice.'

"Now, after a long while that Jesus is opening this door of mercy and after a long while He will close that door of mercy. Then He will open that door of Justice. And if He will open the door of His Justice who can enter Heaven? When Heaven is only for the pure, when Heaven is only for the clean. And who are the clean? And who are the pure? All of us are sinners. All of us are unclean. We can only enter Heaven through His mercy, through His love. Without God's mercy, without His love, it is too difficult to enter Heaven. That is why Jesus now is begging us to go out now and proclaim His mercy. Jesus also said, 'Proclaiming My mercy is not enough, you have to put mercy into action, by living as an example of My mercy.' He said, "He who will save a soul will save his own.'

"I am not allowed by the Church to pray or to do healing or lay hands on anybody because Cardinal Vidal said I would just do my evangelization, (tell people what happened to me), because he said, 'there are some who are given the gift of healing, they will also continue their healing.' But then it cannot be avoided that during my talk so many sick people are attending, so Cardinal Vidal arranged a veneration to the image of Divine Mercy, so the sick people will ask directly to Jesus their healing, not through me because I am only a human being. After that, this image becomes a miraculous image, because there are so many instant healings and also sometimes when I give my testimony, people see lights. Lights coming out from His body. That is why there are some ripples in His body (of the image). The light has a heat and the heat destroyed the plastic. Because so many people will say Jesus is emanating lights and sometimes they say that Jesus gets out from the frame, and He will transfer right behind me and they say He is taller than me. And they said each time Jesus gets out from the frame, the frame is empty. And it not only happens in the Philippines. It also happened in Hong Kong, China, in Rome, in New York, New Jersey, all over the States and in Canada and Mexico. So it also happened in Ireland and so during veneration, (showing respect and appreciation ) , you have to ask Jesus what favor you want. Because, if what you are asking for is not against His will, He will give it to you. Especially, if what you are asking for comes from the depth of your heart."
End Stanley's words.

It is an amazing testimony. But did it happen? If so, was it a miracle? There is no doubt that medically what happened to Stanley took place. This part of his story is true. He was convulsing, pouring blood, went into a coma and then died. No doctor wants to take a very ill person off of life support equipment. The thing is, medical treatment is not free in the Philippines and law determines that no doctor can remove medical equipment without permission from the next of kin. Stanley's medical records were examined, all hospital reports regarding him, and all staff involved in his care, questioned over and over again.

The investigation first began when peoples talk was picked up by the media. It was given more credence, when a well known doctor resigned to become a Priest, because of what he saw medically, which he deemed as "Impossible, a miracle, an act of God".

A person from the Philippines sent a telegram to Father Seraphim Mekalanco - who is the Director of the John Paul Institute for the study of Divine Mercy, appointed by Pope John 11. Father Seraphim received the telegram in Rome. He launched an investigation. Medical records were studied by Cardinal Vidal, Cardinal Sing, and twelve Bishops. Another person who independently examined the medical records was Paul Regan from Malden, who is the founder of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy For the Sick and Dying Institute, in America. The fact that Stanley had died, and woke in full health, with no brain damage is against all the science of nature. So, yes, this part can be termed a miracle. Certainly one that had the main doctor leave his profession and become a Priest. Certainly enough to have a whole nation's television studios and radio stations, halt every day at three o'clock in the afternoon, to pray the chaplet publicly. To have people of all faiths stop in the street at this time to pray the chaplet.

Now, what we have to look at is whether Stanley is being honest about his spiritual encounter. What is convincing is that Stanley described both rays coming from Jesus as white, and not one red and one white as is in the image. The white ray is described as a washing of sin, as in baptism. But Stanley's account would have been obviously more convincing if he described the rays as they are shown in the image and as seen by St. Faustina; but, I think the fact he described seeing the rays differently makes his account more authentic; who would deliberately want to complicate a con?

The other thing than makes Stanley's account believable is that he describes some of the sins he committed and saw. He was President of the Chapel to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He saw himself pass the chapel seeing people inside gambling. He saw another time his neighbors in the chapel drinking and gambling and did not stop them. Another time, he saw himself inside the chapel drinking with them. This is not someone trying to show a "holier than thou" image. Quite the opposite.

Stanley himself received a request sent on behalf of Pope John Paul 11 to go to Rome. When asked what language he spoke to the Archbishops, Cardinals and Bishops, given that they were from all over the world, but each would speak Italian, Stanley was very firm that he spoke in English, not a mystical Italian that rose from the Spirit of God.

The profound effect that Stanley's experience has had on a whole country is the largest mark of authenticity. In the conversation he said he had with Jesus, he was told that the chapel was not to be used for any other purpose other than that for which it was built. Jesus requested, that the chapel be extended, and a new door was to be placed on it, in the shape of a large heart, representing His Sacred Heart. All the people of Cebu and surrounding areas, contributed material and labor to comply with this request. People of many religious dominions joined together to fulfill this task.

While in England, Stanley offered to answer any questions asked of him.

(Q) "When Our Lord appeared to you, did He appear to you just as in the Divine Mercy Image. How did He look?"
(A) "When you are in front of Jesus, you cannot just totally describe Him, because He is everything. When you are looking at Him, you cannot describe your happiness, your satisfaction, the peace and everything. In fact, you forget your family when you are in front of Him. All of the pictures of Jesus, there is likeness, but not totally, not exactly, but there is likeness, but you cannot just totally describe Him when you are in front of Him."

(Q) "How would Jesus like our future? What would He like us to be, a part from the Commandments? How would He like our future to progress as years go on? What does He want us to do with our lives?"
(A) "That is why He said that now is the time for mercy".

(Q) "Yes, but with all the problems we have had in Society, with contraception and abortion?"
(A) "Contraception and abortion! All that is a sin. That is why Mary is crying with blood all ready. That's a sin. That's why for example, last night, four ladies approached me and they said after my testimony, they said they are planning for an abortion, but after hearing my testimony, they changed their mind, because they said they do not want to see their films, that the other one killing their own child."

(Q) "Could I ask you, did you actually see Jesus as the gates of Heaven or did you actually see Heaven?"
(A) Cardinal Vidal said that it is the Garden of Eden, because, it's a garden and in it all beautiful flowers. That is why Cardinal Vidal described it as the Garden of Eden."

(Q) "Did you actually see that yourself, or just the clouds and the light?"
(A) "I see it yes. It is the Garden of Eden. By the way, Jesus said to me that we have to pray for His beloved Priests, because He said: "They are My precious jewels and some of them cause My Heart to bleed. But I will bless them abundantly, in time, and in eternity; much more if they will stay longer in the Confessional, because it is in the Confessional that My mercy flows greater than all the sins committed by any living creature"".

(Q) "How do we ask our Priest to promote the Divine Mercy? Should we do it very quietly or should we implore him to promote Divine Mercy?"
(A) "Give the Priest some real stuff he can learn, because some of the Priests do not promote Divine Mercy because they do not understand Divine Mercy. You have to inform them, and give them some literature that will guide them. And, you have to pray and ask Our Lord's assistance because we cannot change a person, only God can change a person, so we have to pray".

(Q) "Stanley, because of this Divine Mercy, especially in the Islands of the Philippines, is there a great change in the Philippines? Do they now keep the Sabbath holy?"
(A) "In the Philippines, at three o'clock in the afternoon, all the television stations, pray the three o'clock prayer, and also all the radio stations. And, not only the Catholics are ringing their bells, but also the other Church dominions, because I have also given my testimony to other Church dominions, so at three o'clock every body is ringing their bells and also I find it surprising that the Malls especially in Cebu and Manila, at three o'clock, they would stop and pray that three o'clock prayer. The Feast of Mercy will be celebrated throughout the universal Church. Jesus promised that the souls who are in a state of grace (been to Confession) who receive Holy Communion on that day, at the Feast of His Mercy, will be granted complete forgiveness of sins including their punishment, meaning after the Feast of Mercy, whatever happens to you, you will go straight to Heaven. Because even the punishment is forgiven. Because, when we go to Confession, when we go to a Priest, our sins are forgiven, but the punishment remains. That is why when we die we cannot go straight to Heaven, we have to pass through Purgatory to pay for the punishments of our sins. But during the Feast of Mercy, all the sins and the punishments are forgiven, so that's a very wonderful grace."

(Q) "Stanley, what does Jesus think about other religions and other non Christian religions? Hindu's and all different religions?"
(A) "Well, God's mercy is for everybody, not only for Catholics - because if Jesus is given the choice, He wants all mankind to enter Heaven. But only man loves so much the world, that he does not want to accept God's mercy. He does not want to return to the Lord. In fact, they are just denying their sins."

(Q) "Does Jesus want us to approach people in our work places; strangers, non Christians, to tell them about Divine Mercy? If so, how does He want us to do it? Because it is very difficult to go up to a stranger who does not believe in God or does not know Jesus and try to tell him about Divine Mercy."
(A) "We can do it. We can do it by being an example. We have to show them, that's why Jesus said: Put mercy into action. For example, you visit the prisoners and you explain to them God's mercy. And also at hospital, tell them and you give them the chaplet and you teach them how to pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy. You can do it, because the chaplet is welcomed by other religions, because God's mercy is for everybody, not only for Catholics. That's why Jesus said that we have to multiply our prayer for the sinners because Jesus said that the sinners do not pray for themselves anymore. So we have to increase our prayer for the sinners because their salvation depends on us."

(Q) "If those of us who have celebrated the Divine Mercy Sunday, in a state of grace, if our video is shown to us when we die, would it go back earlier or would it begin at the last Divine Mercy Sunday?"
(A) "Others would also ask me, if your sins are forgiven, it is also forgotten with the Lord, that is true! But during the shooting of the film, you will see everything, because Jesus wants us to see how sinful we are. But then He will forgive us and that is a sign of mercy and it is mercy itself, shooting our film, showing us how sinful we are, then forgiving us. That it mercy itself!"

(Q) "Does Jesus speak to you about His Mother?"
(A) "Yes! He always do. That's why He said we have to pray the chaplet and the rosary unceasingly, as our last weapon against the enemies".

(Q) "One of the problems is the difference between the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and having the image over our fire places, and Our Lord asking for the image of Divine Mercy. Sometimes, the two seem to be in conflict and some prefer the Sacred Heart and some prefer the Divine Mercy?"
(A) "For me it is not conflict. Before what happened to me, since I was a kid I am already a devotee to the Sacred Heart, until I grew up, until I got married. In fact I built Sacred Heart Chapel, just in front of our house. That's why Jesus said, because I ask Him the difference: Love: Love is the Sacred Heart. Love is the flower. Mercy is the fruit. Because you do not have mercy if you do not have love. So love and mercy go together."

(Q) "You talked about the time of mercy and there is obviously a time table, because seventy-years ago on February 22, this image was seen for the first time by Saint Faustina. The Holy Father himself is special because his mission on life is to bring in the time of mercy. Is there a time table that Jesus has for mankind? Because I have heard from radio shows in America, that's not to say prediction, because the time and the place is known only to God, but we are obviously in these final times. What is expected of society when the Holy Father decreed Divine Mercy Sunday in the year 2000, and the Bishops are indifferent to it, because the decree has gone out to the Bishops and therefore they are the ones to instruct the Priests and they wont. We people are basically having to listen to the Bishops and the Priests, but if they don't speak of Divine Mercy or follow the Feast for us to celebrate, how do we raise that up?"
(A) "We raise it up by giving more information to the Priests. Because some of the Priests do not understand Divine Mercy because they have not read about Divine Mercy, so we have to inform them. We can give them some leaflets, but before giving them information, we have to pray for them, that they will accept it, because, as I said, we cannot change a person. That's why we have to pray harder. And also, you see, Divine Mercy devotion is for salvation, saving life, saving souls. That is why the other side is also working the wolf. The other side, will also work double time because what you are doing is saving souls."

(Q) "Does Jesus say anything about the Scriptures?"
(A) "He did not mention it to me."

(Q) "Stanley, how long were you dead?"
(A) "I was clinically dead for three days. "By the way, because I am often asked about that three o'clock prayer in the morning and the three o'clock prayer in the afternoon. Because last year, when I give my testimony at the Vatican in front of all the Cardinals and Bishops, there were twenty-six Cardinals and fifty odd Bishops. One of the Cardinals asked me, 'What is the significance of the three o'clock prayer in the morning. Because there are so many answered prayers at three o'clock in the morning.' And I answered, 'That is the time of His Resurrection.' And the Cardinal stood up and said that this was true, that in the Book, Jesus and Mary met at four o'clock in the morning. So they said, He must have resurrected at three o'clock."

(Q) "Can you tell me, what was your illness? What did it consist of?"
(A) "Before what happened to me, I am just going good. I have no illness. I am very strong. This is why, after what happened to me, when I woke up, my wife was so stunned. She cannot believe it. So I went down to the billing section and paid the bill. Then I drive the car in going home. That's why one of the Bishops in the Philippines commented that what happened to me was just an emergency meeting with the Lord."

(Q) "Stanley, when you were at the Vatican talking to the Bishops and Cardinals, was the Holy Father there as well?"
(A) "No! He was scheduled to attend, but he was so tired and ill at the time."

(Q) "With the Cardinals and Bishops from all over the world, what language did you speak in? Italian?
(A) "English".

(Q) "Italian?"
(A) "No! I said English".

(Q) "When Jesus was preparing you for this trip to England, did He say anything to you about the people of England?"
(A) "Yes. People of England are very dear to Him, but then much of them cause His Heart to bleed, because England is losing faith. That is why I am here, to increase faith. And now you heard from me. Do not keep to yourself, you have to multiply. Jesus said that if you save a soul, you save your own."

Stanley continues is travel around the world, telling of the amazing event that happened to him and fulfilling the mission that Jesus sent him back to earth to complete, That is, to teach the message of Divine Mercy.

To His apostle, Saint Marie Faustina, Jesus made a promise in regard to both the image and the praying of the Divine Mercy chaplet. He gave conditions. What is prayed for, is prayed with a contrite heart. That it is not against His Will, in other words, it is doubtful this promise could be used to gain power and riches, which would be an abuse of His gift. He tells us that when the chaplet is prayed for a dying soul, that soul will receive His mercy and not His Justice. In away, when a promise is given to us from Heaven, then God because He is Just, is obliged to keep it. Here are a few personal accounts, where the promise Jesus made to us through Saint Faustina, has been fulfilled.

Before the age of fifteen, Maureen Digan enjoyed a normal healthy life. Then she was struck down with a very serious, slowly progressive but terminal disease called Lymphedima. This is a disease that does not respond to medication and does not go into remission. Within the next ten years Maureen had fifty operations and had lengthy confinements in Hospital of up to a year at a time. Friends and relations suggested she should pray and put her trust in God. But Maureen could not understand why God had allowed her to get this disease in the first place, and had lost her faith completely. Eventually her deteriorating condition necessitated the amputation of one leg.

One evening, while Maureen was in hospital her husband Bob went to see a film called Divine Mercy, No Escape, and there he became convinced of healing powers of intercession by Sr Faustina. Bob persuaded Maureen and the Doctors that she should go to the tomb of Sr Faustina in Poland. They arrived in Poland on March 23, 1981 and Maureen went to confession for the first time since she was a young girl. At the tomb (now the shrine of St. Faustina) Maureen remembers saying in her a cynical way "O.K. Faustina, I came along way, now do something..." To which she received this reply "If you ask for my help, I will give it to you". Suddenly Maureen thought she was having a nervous break-down. All the pain seemed to drain out of her body and her swollen leg which was due to be amputated shortly went back to its normal size.

When she returned to the U.S.A. she was examined by five independent doctors who came to the conclusion that she was completely healed. They had no medical explanation for the sudden healing of this incurable disease. The accumulated evidence for this miracle was examined in consultation by five doctors appointed by the Sacred congregation for the causes of Saints, having passed this test it was examined by a team of theologians, and finally by a team of cardinals and bishops. The cure was accepted by all as a miracle. This miracle was used in the process of Sr Faustina's beatification on April 18, 1993, where she was titled "Blessed".

Ugo Festa was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1951. He was struck down at an early age with multiple sclerosis. Gradually his health deteriorated. This led to many other problems in his young life. By the age of thirty-nine he was suffering from multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and epilepsy. Early in 1990 his spine was becoming distorted and he was having seizures daily. He had been continually attending doctors since he first contracted the disease, but they could do nothing for him. He decided there was nothing left to try but prayer.

On the 28th April 1990 Ugo went with a pilgrimage to Rome. In his unfortunate situation he was introduced to Mother Teresa who was in Rome at the time with a group whom he also became acquainted with. Ugo was invited along with this group to a retreat at the shrine of Divine Mercy in Trent, but he refused. On leaving, one of the group, a nun, gave him five copies of the Divine Mercy Image and a Divine Mercy medal.

The following day, on the 29th April Ugo wore the medal and carried in his arms the images to be blessed to the papal audience at the Vatican. At the bottom of the steps to St. Peters the Holy Father passed by. Ugo asked him to bless his Divine Mercy pictures. After blessing the pictures the Pope asked him how he was. Ugo told him he felt very despondent and was at a crises in his life. The Holy Father said "How could you have a crisis with Jesus the Divine Mercy in your arms? Entrust yourself to Him and pray to my Sr Faustina to intercede" With this advice Ugo changed his mind and decided that he would go to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Trent. At the side altar in the Villa O'Santissima Villazzano, Trent, there is a shrine to the Divine Mercy with a life size icon of the Divine Mercy Image.

On the fourth day of praying in front of this icon Ugo suddenly noticed the arms of the image stretch out to him and a tremendous warmth flowed through his body. He found himself standing in his feet, (no longer bound to his wheel chair) with his arms outstretched to the Lord and he heard himself loudly praising Jesus the Divine Mercy. He saw Jesus coming down to him, His white garment blowing as if in a breeze, he thought, "My God, this is the Man from Galilee coming towards me". He heard Jesus say in a clear voice, "Rise up and walk". Ugo began to walk. All his ailments were at that instant cured and he was more physically perfect than he had ever been in his life. On August 19th, 1990, Ugo returned to the Vatican and during a Papal Audience at Paul V1 Hall, he was taken to meet Pope John Paul 11 again, he told him about the great grace he had received and thanked him for the words of inspiration which led him to Trent, and resulted in this great miracle of Divine Mercy. He gave Pope John Paul a copy of the Divine Image, with the signatures on the back of the many people who witnessed the miracle on that day.

Today Ugo Festa devotes his life to Jesus voluntarily working in a Hospital and spreading the message of Divine Mercy throughout Italy.

Renato Estipular is a fifty-seven year old automotive mechanic and farmer, a loving husband to his wife Remy and a gentle father to their children. Industrious and frugal, Renato loved the daily toil of supervising and cultivating how own four hectare farmland in Tupi, South Cotabato. His wife Remy, is a teacher at Notre Dame of Dadiangas College.

In 1991, Renato underwent surgery for cancer in one kidney. After surgery, he received no recommendation for any follow up treatment, such as chemotherapy. With good reason, Renato and his family thought he was free of the disease.

In 1998, seven years later, Renato was back in hospital suffering from severe stomach pains and weakness. An ultra sound showed six cancerous masses, between three and twelve centre meters, in diameter in his liver. The doctor explained that his case was unusual as metastasis generally occurred within five years and usually it went to the lungs. But in Renato's case it took seven years and spread to his liver. The doctor could do nothing. No treatment was recommended nor medication given. Excluding Renato, the doctor told his family that he had only one year left to live. It was then that Remy, his wife, began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and joined a local prayer group, with the intention of asking God for her husband's healing.

Although Renato was not a Roman Catholic, as was his wife, he did attend Sunday Mass with his wife. He himself was a Methodist. He learned about the Sacraments, unfortunately not given in his own denomination. He was eventually Baptized Roman Catholic, in order for him to receive the Holy Eucharist.

While his disease was progressing, more people prayed for him. But it would seem that Renato's terminal illness was to become the cause of the conversion of the rest of his family, who did not believe in the existence of God.

June 27, 1999, Renato was brought to St. Elizabeth Hospital, in a critical condition. He had terrible chest pains and struggled to breathe. Laboratory tests and an ultra sound showed that the cancer had deteriorated his liver and had spread to his intestines. Water had also accumulated in his stomach, which caused great pain. Two days later, he became so weak that he could no longer move, unless he was turned on his side.

Renato's family had no choice but to prepare him for death. They called Reverend Father Henry Free, the hospital chaplain. Renato confessed, received Holy Communion and the last Sacraments - extreme unction. Several times a day now, both children and parents prayed the chaplet at his bedside. Members of the prayer group also prayed on occasion with them.

The founder of the prayer group, Elsa, was praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy in her own home. While praying she heard a male voice: "Pray for Renato Estipular, the Chaplet and the Rosary, mentioning his name on each bead". Meanwhile Renato's three sisters from Manila and a brother arrived to say good-bye to their brother on July 3. That same week, the doctor signed Renato's release papers. He wanted to die at home. There was a trained nurse to help him and his sister to supervise his medication.

A large Divine Mercy picture hung on the wall of his home. Husband and wife prayed the chaplet before the image of Divine Mercy many times. Five times the founder of the prayer group, Elsa had prayed as the voice had told her. She prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in her own home. Something told her that she should be at the dying man's bedside. So she went to the Estipular home. At Renato's bedside, she again prayed exactly as the voice had told her, while holding the sick man's wrist. She later relayed, that as she prayed, she felt a flow of normal breathing and a normal pulse come from Renato. His brother and sisters watched in complete amazement, their dying brother's healing. His pains disappeared and he was strong. His nurse left, and in a very short time Renato was doing house hold chores and tinkering with cars.

His brother and sisters returned to their own homes. But this time with a difference. They had arrived atheists. They left with no doubt that God exists and that the promises of Divine Mercy were true. One of his sisters, was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church in December of the same year.

Consuelo So Lucero is a mother of four children, in her mid-fifties. She heads the Midwives Health Workers of the General Santo's City's Health Department.

In April 1995, during her annual check up, Sol's doctor discovered two growths in her neck which were diagnosed as papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland. She was advised to undergo surgery. Sol was concerned. She was prone to high blood pressure and laboratory tests showed that she had diabetes.

Sol had surgery at St. Luke's Hospital in Manila on December 1 1995. Surgery was successful. However she lost her voice. She could only talk in whispers.

In October 1996, Sol had her first radiation therapy. The examination showed that she still had cancer cells in her body. Her family heard about the Divine Mercy devotion and began to pray the Chaplet for her.

In January 1997, Sol still had no voice, and still had cancer cells. A man, who was a Divine Mercy devotee, known as Brother Carino prayed over her, Sol describes what happened.

"While Brother Carino was praying over me, I asked for forgiveness for my many sins and the transgressions of my family tree. Then I had a vision. I saw two eyes, then a whole face of Jesus as in the Image of Divine Mercy. He was looking at me, smiling with such tenderness and love. I cried with great joy. Then without thinking I cried out loudly: 'Praise God, Praise God'. My voice had returned."

In October 1997, another examination showed that there were no cancer cells in Sol's body. Another examination in 1999 showed that Sol was free from cancer.

Kristine Tan, a fourteen-year-old girl from Davao City was confined in hospital and was to undergo surgery for ovarian mayoma (Her medical chart dated August 18, 1997, shows that she had both ovaries "Paraovian with hemorrhage: endometrium in secretory").

Her parents requested a Divine Mercy prayer group in Davao City to pray the chaplet over her. After the prayer, the child's faith on the mercy of Jesus was visibly so strong that she was certain that she had been healed. So, when the doctor came to schedule the surgery, Kristine asked if she could have another ultra sound before they operated on her.

The doctor told her that there was no need and than another ultra sound would only add to the families medical expenses. However, Kristine insisted, telling the doctor that she felt that Jesus had healed her during the praying of the chaplet.

"Miracles are rare" replied the doctor. "People even go to Lourdes, but not get healed".

The doctor unconvinced by Kristine's insistence stood up to leave the room. As he was going out of the door, he stopped and went back to tell her that he would allow her to have another ultra sound.

The second ultra sound showed the tumors gone. The scheduled surgery was canceled. Amazed the doctor exclaimed: "It's a miracle"!

Rapharel Mariano fondly nick-named Peewee,was born on February 3, 1977. He was the son of Doctor Rodolfo and Doctor Esther Mariano, both dentists. A menopausal baby, he was their pride and joy.

At the early age of four, Peewee developed tonsillitis. It came on suddenly and raised a fever that almost killed him. It looked as though he would die. His mother prayed at his bedside, begging God not to take him. As she finished praying, Peewee began to point upwards and said: "Nice light" over and over again. Peewee's fever left him and he recovered.

June 1996, Peewee was nineteen, a second grade student at Holy Cross College. He was suddenly taken ill and in hospital was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He underwent five chemotherapy sessions.

On August 29, Peewee was hospitalized again. The following day, he was in a coma. The doctor told his parents that he had no chance of recovery. This time, Peewee's mother surrendered. She prayed for her boys soul rather than his body. She was grateful to God to have the joy of her son for nineteen years. He had suffered a great deal and while he was in the coma many people prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy over him. A picture of the Image of Divine Mercy was hung on the post of his bed, near him.

On September 2, Peewee came out of the coma. When he woke, he looked at the Divine Mercy Image and excitedly said: "Light, light". He pointed to the picture and told his family that the rays coming out from the Heart of Jesus was exploding out from the picture and was surrounding his bed.

Peewee then slipped back into a coma. He never woke up, but died a little later.

In 1993, Nino,a two year old boy from Surigao, Minanao in the Philippines was in hospital. Half of his body on his right side was paralyzed. Despite a brain scan, the doctors could not diagnose what was wrong with the boy. No medication helped him. Doctors recommended Nino be transferred to another hospital, but his parents could not afford to pay more medical bills. The boy returned home.

The family were Christians and so turned to God. The only hope was a miracle healing for their son. Friends gathered with them and together as Nino slept in his father's arms, they prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

One of the people praying heard an audible voice above the sound of prayer. The voice said: "Carry him, put him down and let him stand". It was hard to wake the boy, but he was taken from his father's arms and placed on his feet on the floor. As he was woken and carried from his father's arms, Nino began to struggle and wriggle using the whole of his body to get away. When placed on the floor, the boy stood and ran back into his father's arms. He was no longer paralyzed.

Ramon Chua, a forty year old Chinese man was kidnapped by Muslim rebels in 1986. He was brought to a mountain of Sampinik, Basilican. Once there, the kidnappers informed him that they were not interested in ransom money. Instead, they intended to kill him. Their hatred was fueled by a land conflict with Ramon's tenants in Kapayawan, Basilican.

On the thirty-third day of Ramon's captivity, he took out from his wallet, a prayer card, containing on one side, the Divine Mercy Image and on the opposite side, the Divine Mercy Chaplet. He began to pray the chaplet, while holding the card in his hand.

Ramon was alone. Yet, after he prayed the chaplet, and as he looked at the picture of Jesus on the card, he heard an audible voice, very loud and very clear: "Run and escape now". Ramon ran, but upon seeing the gate guard, he walked waving his hands and out of his mouth came "Salamay com", the Muslim words meaning "Thank you". To his surprise the gate guard waved back and allowed him to pass through.

Out of the camp, Ramon ran, finding away out of the mountain rebels lair. He was noticed by two rebel watchers and was shot at. He was not hit although the bullets were grazing his body, left and right. Holding the Divine Mercy card tightly, he kept running while the rebels gave chase.

Finally, Ramon ran to the point of exhaustion. He could run no more and so he fell to the ground. The rebels caught up with him but it appeared as if Ramon was invisible, they ran straight past him, despite him lying in front of their path in clear view to all. This, Ramon could not explain, as it seemed obvious that the rebels could not see him.

Eventually he got up and walked until he reached a military check point. He was eventually transported home. When in safety, he remembered the promise Jesus had told Saint Faustina, the Apostle of His Mercy. "I will protect my devotees from their enemies in this life". Ramon's heart filled with gratitude and praise as he realized that in his case, this promise was shown to be truth.

Drew was working for a Fertilizer Corporation in Cebu. In the summer of 1999, while working, he requested a crane operator to transfer a heavy flat metal sheet to the other side of the road. As Drew watched the crane hoisting up the heavy object, he saw it shake. Without warning the object fell on him.

He was rushed to hospital, where the doctors, headed by Doctor Sy, said that both of Drew's legs were shattered. The nerves on his legs were dead too. The doctors said that they had no choice but to amputate both legs. Medically, they could only amputate one leg a day, so they scheduled the amputation of the other leg for the following day.

Hoping to save the other leg, Drew's family talked to Doctor Sy, but she told them that the doctors decision to amputate was almost 100%. The second leg tissues were dead and so was the nerve and the muscles were disconnected. The leg was re-examined the next day, and surgery to cut off the second leg was arranged.

The family turned to God for help. Around Drew's bedside they prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Not long after they had prayed, Drew was prepared for surgery. A doctor noticed a great change in the condition of the leg. After a further examination, it was discovered that the dead leg tissues and nerves were now alive. The disconnected muscles had some how joined together. The leg did not need amputating. Drew left the hospital with a crutch. The second leg healed.

Mr Lelis was working as a security guard at Sun Grocery Store in Toril, Davao in the Philippines. There, he was attacked by three men. He was taken to hospital. His attackers were apprehended and jailed.

Mr Lelis told his wife about the attack and how it was odd that as the first attacker went to kill him, he began to scream and ran, and so another went to do the same and reacted the same way. Again it happened with a third man.

The three men were taken to the Toril Muncipal Jail. Confused and wanting to know why the attackers wanted to kill her husband, Lelis wife went to visit them the following day.

The first prisoner told her: "When I struck your husband, he fell to the ground. His wallet from his pocket dropped down and opened. I bent and was about to stab him with my dagger, but two blinding flashes if light from the picture of the opened wallet suddenly struck my eyes. I ran away shouting. I was in pain."

The second man told the same story: "I tried to stab him, but before I could do so, that picture radiated a strong blinding light to my eyes and I ran away in pain".

The third man relayed the same incident asking Lelis wife whether the picture had an amulet behind it.

The picture in the wallet was the Divine Mercy Image with the chaplet printed at the back of it. The prisoners described the light coming from the Heart of Jesus in the Image.

Marion is a thirteen-year-old girl from Lincolnshire in England. She described a vision that she had while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the Image of Divine Mercy.

"When my whole family was doing our prayers in front of the big Divine Mercy picture, I was looking at the picture. Suddenly, a big red light came out of the picture of Jesus. Then I saw a foot come out of the picture, then a whole body came out. He was walking, but when I looked at the picture there was still a picture of Jesus in the frame.

I looked at Him out of the picture. I saw Him take about ten steps. He stopped and then did a blessing over us, like the Priest does at the end of Mass. When He did the blessing there was a light blue light and a red light coming out of His Heart. Then He disappeared. At the time this happened, while I was praying, but before I saw the ray come out, I was looking at the picture and thinking how beautiful Jesus is. Me and my family were praying the chaplet for a young school friend of my older sister who had died".

Margarita, called by her family Marga, is an only child of Binggoy and Baby Montemayor of Davao City in the Philippines. In 1991, she was a very pretty, fair skinned girl of thirteen. During that year, her world suddenly shattered. A rare skin disease with watery lesions, like infected wounds began to invade her skin.

A dermatologist first diagnosed the disease as a severe form of asthma of the skin. Later, this was ruled out. The medication changed each time, the ones prescribed failed to help. Another doctor diagnosed aetopic dermatitis. Yet the disease still did not respond to treatment. The family went to another doctor in Manila, and to another in America. However, nothing helped Marga.

The disease spread and became very painful. Marga could no longer sit back on a chair and would have to remain upright, because the watery wounds would stick to her clothes. She was no longer able to wear a bra.

Months later, the disease progressed until her body was covered, only her face was spared. In June, 1992, her mother contacted the Divine Mercy Apostolate of St Jude Thadeus Parish of Davao City. The head of the Apostolate Inday Ilagan, prayed the chaplet of Divine Mercy over Marga.

Marga's family were not really practicing Christians, they had a vague belief. They were encouraged by the things they had heard in regards to the Divine Mercy Devotion.

While Inday prayed the chaplet over her, Marga had a vision: "I saw a strange light that gave me so much peace", she said. This experience moved Marga towards God and towards hope that He would heal her. She began to study the Bible in detail.

In the days that followed, Marga's mother continued to consult the doctor. Still no medication had any effect. Eventually Marga begged her mother to stop putting ointments on her.

The Divine Mercy prayer group began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for Marga for nine days (a nine day novena), from a distance, at three o'clock in the afternoon. On the ninth day, Marga and her family were just finishing the chaplet themselves while at the Apo View Hotel. They were praying before a lighted candle when Marga suddenly shouted out: "Look! Look! The legions are drying up and the scabs are falling down". Marga and her mother began to cry and thank God. In the first few days, only shallow scars were gone. There was no sign that she had ever been ill.

Marga's mother referred to her daughter as "a sacrificial lamb". After the healing, the whole family were converted. Marga's healing also brought about the founding of "The Youth Divine Mercy Apostolate", with Marga heading it.

Father Ron Pytel, is a fifty-four- year old Pastor of the Holy Rosary Parish in Baltimore, M.D. America. Doctors gave him only three years to live, after discovering he had a heart disease that had caused a great deal of damage.

On October 5, 1995, Father Ron and some friends gathered for prayer at the Holy Rosary Church, which is also the Baltimore Archdiocese Shrine of The Divine Mercy. They were praying for the healing of the Priest's heart. The Feast day of the then Blessed Faustina, seemed to be the best time to ask her for intercession before Jesus.

Father Ron had acquired a relic of Marie Faustina, and he kissing it with all of his heart, begged her to ask Jesus to heal him. As he kissed the relic, he collapsed. He fell paralyzed for a short while, yet strangely at peace. When he came round, he felt well.

An improvement in his health continued, no pain, no breathlessness. Consequently, Father Ron visited the cardiologist. He explained what had happened and due to a visible improvement in Father Ron, who was before thin and pale, a full examination was given. The examination showed that Father Ron was in perfect health. Not only was his heart cured of disease, but also, all signs of damage it had caused had vanished.

His Superiors of his Diocese learned of the healing and a full investigation was conducted by doctors and by theologians from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. In 1999, following the examination of all Father Ron's medical records, ultra sound scans and x-rays, as well as documented eye witness accounts; a miracle was declared by the Congregation.

Speaking about his experience, Father Ron said: "I suppose I shouldn't be around anymore. But I am living proof that miracles do happen. I know in my heart, that Sister Faustina put in a word with Jesus, and His Heart touched mine.

"Personally I am still in awe. Spiritually my prayer life has intensified tremendously. I've had a peace that has been with me through everything that has taken place. I've also been blessed with a calmness, a gentleness. I think it has made me more open to the struggles of other people." Father Ron's instant healing was used as part of the beatification process of Saint Faustina in the year 2000.

Marie M... is a working wife and mother of two young girls. Before getting married, Marie and her (now) husband (of ten years) were "living together in a typical American lifestyle". They were married in an Episcopal Church and eventually Marie was led to "a conversion to the faith" after witnessing an alleged miraculous image in Clearwater.

Marie learned about the Divine Mercy through a television production hosted by EWTN. She learned the Chaplet, and the words of the inscription at the bottom of the Image "Jesus I Trust in You".

"I prayed the chaplet occasionally and I taught this to my girls. That is as much as I practiced the devotion. It wasn't a whole lot, but it was there and I believed!" Marie's believes that it was exactly this belief and trust in Divine Mercy that brought about an experience that she says saved her marriage. This is her story.

"We have a neighbor family who were our friends. They are your biker type of people. We are not, but they have a little girl who I always felt sorry for and wanted to take care of her and watch her while her parents went out or worked late at night.

"T..., the mother, would always invite her life style into ours and I was patient with her for a few years, hoping and praying that she would change for the better. It turned out that things got really bad with the husband and wife, they took a turn down the wrong road. When I found out what was going on, I tried to counsel her the best way I could and gave good advice, but she didn't listen and continued doing this horrible thing.

"Meanwhile, I began to have terrible nightmares with demons, and snakes and things that really scared me. So I would recite the Hail Mary, three times in my dream and those demons would flee right away and I would wake up. I told a friend of mine and she sent me the St. Michael Prayer - so I began to pray that prayer every night and over a few weeks, I noticed that if I forgot to pray it one particular night, then the dreams of the demons would come back. One time, while I was praying this prayer, I envisioned huge white wings and thought, 'I would die if I ever saw St. Michael'.

"One night I got a phone call from my neighbor friend T...., she called me in despair and told me more of her problems. I began to get really frustrated with her. She was still doing this terrible thing and I told her she needed to stop and she needed to think about her daughter. She took offense at what I was telling her, my tone was different this time. She started to say things like, 'Well you know Marie, it is happening more than you think and not everyone is perfect.' I really did not understand what she was trying to tell me, but she said more and more, about how everyone is doing it and 'even your husbands wants it!' When she mentioned my husband's name I began to get scared. I questioned her and she said, 'I'm not going to say anymore about it'.

"I told her that she had better! So she explained to me about fantasies my husband had confided to her, and that my husband had confessed to her that he had cheated on me twice. My heart was being crushed during all of this. I knew deep down it was true. I cried for a few hours there, on the phone and it was about midnight when we finished talking. I then went into my closet crying and praying to Jesus and Mary to help me.

"I got up enough courage to approach my husband and confront him with T...'s story and he denied it exactly like she said he would. We went back and forth arguing and yelling. I told him that I wanted to get this over with right then, that night. I did not want to go on living a lie.

"We were both running to the bathroom for hours, with our nerves going crazy. Finally after almost three hours of debating, I just said that I didn't need to deal with it now, but that I know that in the end when we both stand before God, we will be separated and it would all be on him. I told him that I did not need to put my trust in any man here on earth, only God and it was then, at exactly three o'clock in the morning, that I said the words of the inscription at the bottom of the Divine Mercy Image. 'JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU. I prayed this prayer, said these words with all that I had in me, with all confidence.

"At that moment although it was not raining and there was no storm, lightening flashed outside, which both my husband and I saw. My husband turned to me and said 'Marie, can you forgive me?' I felt all this crushing pain in my heart lift. I felt this great joy. I told him , I forgave him and we held each other for a long time.

"But something had changed my husband. Something that brought him to admit what he had done and ask for forgiveness, and it came with that lightening. As the lightening struck, my husband saw an Angel with a sword (St. Michael). The Angel spoke saying 'Tell her the truth'. The sword then fell to the ground in away as if to implicate he had to speak truth before it fell to the ground or the sword would pierce him as I felt pierced. At the same time, I felt all this inner pain lift and a supernatural joy and ability to forgive my husband and show true mercy.

"Since that night, I realized that it was not me that forgave my husband, but Our Lord Jesus, in me. I am not capable of such a thing. I now have a much deeper devotion to the mercy of Jesus, His Divine Mercy".

Source: Home with God



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