These daily affirmations are from Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”, a book of daily affirmations on money. 

“I am rich and wonderful.”
“I am now earning a great big income doing what satisfies me.”
“People love to give me money!”
“I am now earning a great big income doing what satisfies me.”
“All my bills are paid up in full and I still have all this money.”
“My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not.”
“A lot more money is coming into my life. I deserve it and will use it for my good and others.”
“I am a money magnet!”
“Every day, I’m burning brighter and growing richer!”
“I accumulate assets that put more money in my pocket every day!”
“I always receive an abundance of ‘Above and Beyond’ money!”
“I am committed to achieving my goals.”
“With confidence, reverence, and gratitude, I am always successful!”
“Everything I do makes me richer and richer!”
“I am full of joyful energy, and all my dreams come true!”
“I am a praise-making machine, and I’m making a lot of it today!”

It is highly recommended that you print these affirmations and attach them to your desk, mirror, fridge or the dashboard of your car and say them everyday. This is a good habit that can motivate you and improve your life.



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