Seek His Face . . . Seek His Face
May God bless you and keep you.
May God let His Face shine on you and be gracious to you. 
May God show you His Face and bring you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

Our Lord Jesus revealed to Sister Mary of Saint Peter that the image of His Holy Face is like a Divine Stamp which, if applied to souls, through prayer, has the power of imprinting anew within them the image of God.

The Image of God Prayer ~ Prayer to Reproduce the Image of God in Our Souls

I salute You, I adore You, and I love You; Oh Adorable Face of my beloved Jesus as the noble stamp of the Divinity! Completely surrendering my soul to Thee I most humbly beg Thee to stamp this seal upon us all, so that the image of God may once more be reproduced by its imprint in our souls. Amen.

Seen above is the Holy Face of Jesus, miraculously imprinted on the Shroud of Turin, the burial clothe of Our Lord. Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus, is a time honored and sacred tradition in the Catholic Church; and one which brings down God's abundant blessings upon us.

PROMISE: "Through this Holy Face you will obtain the conversion of many sinners. Nothing that you ask in virtue of the Holy Face will be refused you. Oh, if you only knew how pleasing is the sight of My Face to My Father."

When one considers that the Holy Face of Jesus, is the very manifestation of the Godhead, visually represented for us in the person of Christ Jesus, indelibly stamped upon His Sacred Humanity, then a true and sincere devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus can be seen for what it should always be, both a noble goal to achieve in our humble hearts, and a vital necessity in our lives.

Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is devotion to the Godhead Himself, the very essence of God's Divine Nature; His omnipotent power, His supreme authority and dominion over all creation.

So henceforth let us look upon the Face of God with all the love and affection in our whole being and beg God to give us the grace to always love Him more; and let us do so in the name of Christ Jesus, for the glory of God the Father Almighty.

Eternal Father, we offer You the Holy Face of Jesus, covered with blood, sweat, dust and spittle, in reparation for the crimes of Communists, blasphemers, and for the profaners of the Holy Name and of the Holy Day of Sunday. Amen.

Eternal Father, turn away Your angry gaze from all guilty people whose faces have become unsightly in Your eyes. Look instead upon the face of Your Beloved Son, for this is the face of Him in Whom You are well pleased. We now offer You this Holy Face, covered with shame and disfigured by bloody bruises, in reparation for the crimes of our age, in order to appease Your anger, justly provoked against us. Because Your Divine Son, our Redeemer, has taken upon His Head all the sins of His people that they might be spared, we now beg of You, Eternal Father, to grant us mercy. Amen.

O Jesus, Who in Thy bitter Passion didst become "the most abject of men, a man of sorrows," I venerate Thy Sacred Face whereon there once did shine the beauty and sweetness of the Godhead; but now it has become for me as if it were the face of a leper! Nevertheless, under those disfigured features, I recognize Thy infinite Love and I am consumed with with the desire to love Thee and make Thee loved by all men. The tears which well abundantly in Thy sacred eyes appear to me as so many precious pearls that I love to gather up, in order to purchase the souls of poor sinners by means of their infinite value.
O Jesus, Whose adorable Face ravishes my heart, I implore Thee to fix deep within me Thy Divine Image and to set me on fire with Thy Love, that I may be found worthy to come to the contemplation of Thy glorious Face in Heaven. Amen.

ETERNAL FATHER, since Thou hast given me for my inheritance the Adorable Face of Thy Divine Son, I offer that face to Thee and I beg Thee, in exchange for this coin of infinite value, to forget the ingratitude of souls dedicated to Thee and to pardon all poor sinners. Amen.



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