"All who adore My Precious Blood console My Father Who loves His Son the most. As you adore My Blood, the pains of My Sacred Heart lessen. The Sorrowful Heart of My Mother will also be consoled. Children, adore My Precious Blood always and offer it to My Father for mercy. Hear this prayer. Pray it always in reparation for the sins of the whole world. Pray it three times each time you pray it. I assure you that the Divine Mercy will multiply. Pray it always and many times a day, since you are living in these ungodly days. Pray it so that you shall be safe from the purification fire. Children, make it known to the whole world." - Jesus

Eternal Father, I offer to You all the wounds of Your dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ; the pains and agony of His Sacred Heart and His Most Precious Blood, which gushed out from all his wounds, for the reparation of my sins and those of the whole world. Amen. 

(Repeat 3 times)



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