INTRODUCTION: The Warning by Father Philip Bebie, C.P.

Explanation of This Book

A great struggle between good and evil is going on. Pope Paul VI did not hesitate to call it "apocalyptic."
The ultimate result of this struggle was told to us specifically at Fatima: There will be a triumph of love...a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. "Russia will be converted and an era of peace will be granted to mankind."

Before that triumph we may have a terrible chastisement in which "several entire nations will be annihilated."
According to Garabandal, Medjugorje, etc., to make it possible for the world to avoid that chastisement the Queen of Peace has obtained for us THE WARNING.

Holy prophets (Saint Edmund Campion, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi) predicted this same warning at the very beginning of the historical religious catastrophes: The Reformation conflicts (Saint Edmund Campion} and the rise of Marxism (Blessed Anna Maria) which have brought our world to its present state of estrangement from God.

At the time of the publication of this book in 1986 Father Bebie (who wrote this in 1981-82) was suffering the final stages of a terminal cancer, which, to the surprise of his doctors and most of all to himself, had not yet taken his life. He had previously entrusted the manuscript to a friend to be published when} the warning occurred. During a "good-bye" visit early in 1986...shortly after he had returned from a hospital intensive care unit, it was decided that publication after the warning might be ineffective. It might be too late for people to know the importance of what had just happened to them...and to the world!


It will be an act of act of His Mercy. Whether the world will avoid annihilation of several entire nations will depend on how each of us reacts to this act of His Mercy.

At a time when the world has lost its sense of sin, we will suddenly see ourselves as God sees us. We will recognize our sins.

IF WE REJECT THIS ACT OF MERCY...if we then persist in our sins...will we not deserve to see the whole world purged with fire...or by whatever purging Divine Justice may elect?

It is possible that many will reject the warning out of ignorance.

That is why it seemed both prudent and advisable to make this book available in advance, entrusting to those who receive it, the responsibility of communicating with newspapers, television, radio, Church leaders, government officials, in a word, to all who will be able to inform the greatest number of people just what the warning means as soon as it happens.

It may be a year away. It may happen tomorrow. There are many indications that it will come soon.

NOTE: Father Bebie died in 1986, when at the very time this little book (written by him in 1981) was being printed.


Blessed Anna Maria Taigi spoke of a great chastisement which would come to the world before which there would be an illumination of the conscience of men by which suddenly everyone would see themselves as God sees them. She indicated that this illumination of conscience would result in the saving of many souls because many would repent as a result of this "Warning"...this miracle of "self illumination".

Beatified in 1920 as a model of women and mothers. Anna Maria Taigi was not only a prophetess of our time, but one of the most extraordinary mystics in the history of the Church.

From the time she was 20 years old, until she died at the age of 63, the Beata was accompanied by a mysterious light in which she saw past, present, and future events ...some relating to struggles among nations: some relating to individual souls.

Blessed Anna Maria gazed into that light only when she felt an interior impulse ...a sort of direction from Our Lord and the Holy Spirit do so. And usually when she looked into the light she was asked to offer some special suffering for a special need in the Church or in an individual.

In that light Anna Maria saw a great chastisement coming upon the world in the future ...but at the same time a great blessing: The "Warning" which would be an illumination of the consciences of men, just as though suddenly every man was given the same kind of light that accompanied which they would see themselves as God sees them.

It is interesting that 300 years before Blessed Anna Maria this same revelation was given to St. Edmund Campion. who went to his death affirming this same prophecy.

One is put in mind of the prophecies of the Old Testament...some of which were close to the time of Our Lord, and some of which were hundreds of years before. And no one ever knew with any exactitude when those prophecies would be fulfilled.

But we now have cogent reasons to believe that this prophecy of the warning and the chastisement ...which we have heard from the lips of various good persons and canonized saints...will take place very soon, for we recall that St. John Bosco, an authentic prophet of our time, was told by Our Lady that She would obtain a victory for Christianity before the year 2000 which would be greater even than the victory of Lepanto (which in 1571 was a turning point in the history of the world over seemingly hopeless odds).

Father Philip Bebie, a Passionist priest who became nationally celebrated for his book "Proclaim Her Name" (AMI. Press) was a founding member of a Passionist House of Solitude and was Administrator of the first two Charismatic Priests' conferences in Steubenville, Ohio (1975-76). He then preached Parish Missions until his sickness (1983).

The year 1985 was the jubilee (25 years) year of his priesthood. During this recent time of grace Father Philip became convinced that the foretold warning (and at the same time great miracle of grace) would find most people unprepared. He felt a need to explain the Garabandal prophecies so that when the world experienced the illumination of conscience people would better know what it meant and be prepared for the Great Miracle.

Father Philip began this book in October of 1981 and completed it January 1st, 1982. He did not intend that it should be published until after the Warning took place. But he shared the manuscript with a few friends. One of them allowed Father Philip himself to set the manuscript into print so that it would be ready for immediate printing and distribution when The Warning occurred.

Four years later, Father Philip himself was dying of an advanced state of cancer of the liver. And while constantly thinking of his imminent death, he also began to sense the possibility that he himself might still be alive to experience the Warning and the great Miracle that is to follow. It then occurred to some of his friends that since the predicted time between the Warning and the Miracle would be less than a year, it might be best to have some copies of this book printed in advance and in the hands of at least some people in different parts of the world so that it would be more readily available if and when these prophecies are actually realized.

It must be borne in mind that this book is intended to be published generally only after the Warning. For that reason it reads as though the miracle of illumination of conscience had already been experienced by the reader. Even if read before the Warning we believe it will be of deep interest and edification for all who read it.


A short time ago, abruptly, all on earth felt the intervening of God. To each one of us He unveiled the innermost secrets of our heart. His inexorable light seared our consciences and showed us to ourselves as in a flawless mirror. The truth was vivid in our minds. We saw the awful blight of our sinfulness, the excruciating pain of it, and knew in an instant what our eternity would be because of it. The Lord's mercy scoured away all pretension. By His merciful intrusion, we knew ourselves - oh, how we knew ourselves, in His light. We felt The Warning.

Over twenty years ago it had been predicted by the Mother of God, who communicated her message to us through four young girls from the mountain village of Garabandal, Spain, remote and rude, rocky and high, among the clouds. The message was plain as well, and not really new in content, for she had been repeating it generation upon generation as she visited one place after another for what is now a span of one hundred and fifty years. Yet at this moment she had spoken it with special urgency. Time was running out. These would be the "last warnings" the world would receive. People would have to change their lives and stop offending God, or else they would suffer the most terrible consequences.

The four children who saw her were informed of great events that would overwhelm the world. These occurrences were to happen, by God's great mercy, so that the whole world would be converted. They would bring about the conversion of humanity. But unless we heard the message and changed soon, this would happen only after great suffering.

She told them of "The Warning", a "correction of the conscience of the world", which all would experience as a kind of disaster in their lives, but none would die of it, except perhaps from the shock of it. She also spoke to them of a "Great Miracle" to be worked by the Lord at Garabandal so that we all might come to believe, but she would not permit the disclosure of the exact time this would happen (although one of the girls knows the date and must announce it eight days before it happens). Lastly she revealed to them "The Punishment", which would descend upon us "directly from God", if people did not repent in time to avert it.

The Punishment must be avoided. Because the Lord wants to protect us from it, He gives us The Warning and The Miracle. They are meant to help us respond to the message of Mary so that we can avoid The Punishment entirely. We must understand what to do to be saved, and then we must do it. Our fate hangs in the balance. There will be peace; Our Lady of Fatima has promised that it will inevitably arrive.
What we do between now and that "Era of Peace" will determine whether or not The Punishment will first have to be undergone.

But for now, we know that The Warning has pierced our hearts. We have known it with greater clarity than anything else has ever been known. We must heed it, and look again at the repeated messages and warnings of the Mother of God. Looking again and more deeply is the burden of this book.

We will recall and reflect upon what she said over the long years of our forebears, consider the present situation, and open up to her promises. There is danger, greater danger than humankind has ever faced before, but there is also hope. She asserted, "There will be peace. " "In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph; the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted, and an Era of Peace will be given to the world."

This book will attempt to answer many of the questions on your mind since you felt THE WARNING. What was the Warning? Is a Miracle coming too? Why has the whole world been involved in such a powerful, direct way? Is it the end of the world? Read and be instructed. All the material presented has been around for twenty years, but we have not heard it, or been prevented from hearing it. God has broken through the darkness. Read now. It is time.

Table of Contents

TODAY (The Warning)
Chapter One: The Warning
The Warning ...predicted by Our Lady of Mount Carmel ...was like the conversion of Saint Paul ...made us aware of God ...shows us our sins ...was a taste of eternity ...was a mercy from God a sign of the future a direct intervention of God ...calls us to choose ...calls us to prepare for The Miracle inseparable from The Miracle.
YESTERDAY (Mary's Past Warnings)
Chapter Two: Review of Marian Apparitions
Review of Marian Apparitions  Paris 1830  LaSalette 1846  Lourdes 1858  Fatima 1917  Garabandal 1961
TOMORROW (After The Warning)
Chapter Three: The Miracle
One person knows the date person has seen it . . millions will see it ...will be a revelation ...will be Eucharistic ...will be ecclesial ...will be Marian ... will convert the world ... will be sacramental ...will be a warning . . will be for the glory of God.
Chapter Four: The Punishment
Will take place after The Miracle ... will be directly from God ...will purify the earth ...will be the last punishment ...will not be the end of the world ...will not be a war one will escape it.
Chapter Five: The Permanent Sign
A reminder of the message ... it calls us to holiness will point us toward heaven will guard the era of peace.
THE NEXT DAY (The Triumph)
Chapter Six: Triumph of the Immaculate Heart
"My Immaculate Heart will triumph" ...It is victory over evil in hearts has already begun will glorify Mary will be a conversion event.
Chapter Seven: What Will Hasten the Triumph?
It has been delayed ... prayer hastens it ... penance and reparation hasten it ...amendment of life will hasten it ...Consecration will hasten it.
Chapter Eight: Consecration and Devotion to the Immaculate Heart
Consecration is a form of devotion ...consecration is a simple matter ...Consecration opens us to God's power.
Chapter Nine: The Era of Peace
"There will be peace" ...The Era of Peace awaits the Triumph...The Era of Peace can come soon.
THE NEW TIMES (The Evangelization of the World)
Chapter Ten: "All Will Love Our Hearts"
The whole world will be converted ...this has happened before ... a third world-evangelization will begin soon ...the Church is being prepared ...the whole world will be evangelized ...The Warning prepared the Church for evangelization ...the Churches will be reunited ...God will unite us ...Russia will be converted ...the new Church will be humble ...the reunited Church will be the Sign of evangelization . .. conversion takes time ...what will the new Church of the Era of Peace be like?

Conclusion: We Wait for the Miracle



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