The image of Our Lady the Knots-looser in reference to her maternal intercession to solve the confusions and difficulties of life, which is venerated in St. Peter's Church in Perlach, Ausberg, Germany.

Because of her disobedience, Eve fastened the tie of misfortune for the human race. Mary, because of her obedience, solved it. (St. Irenaeus of Lyon, 202AD)


Holy Mary, full of the presence of God during your life you accepted with great humility the Holy Will of the Father and the legacy of your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.Evil never dared to entangle you with its confusion. Since then you have interceded for all of our difficulties.

With all simplicity and patience you have given us example on how to untangle the knots in our complicated lives. By being our Mother forever, you arrange and make clear the path that unites us to Our Lord.

Holy Mary, Mother of God and ours, with your maternal heart untie the knots that upset our lives. We ask you to receive in your hands (mention the name) and deliver us from the chains and confusions that have us restrained. Blessed Virgin Mary, through your grace, your intercession and by your example, deliver us from evil and untie the knots that keep us from uniting with God, so that once free of every confusion and error, we may find Him in all things, have Him in our hearts and serve him always in our brothers and sisters. Mother of Good Counsel pray for us. Amen.



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