What a vast increase in the sum total of human happiness it would mean if each one of us were to be always just as kind as he could be. Why, earth would be almost like heaven if all unkindness were eliminated from our lives. It was such thoughts as these which came to a pious nun during her meditation and which prompted her to start the Fraternity of Kindness. These are the rules:

1. Not to think unkindly of others.

2. Not to speak unkindly of others.

3. Not to act unkindly towards others.

These rules the habit of thinking kindly of others and of speaking kindly and being kind to everyone. And all this for the love of God.

Now there is a penalty attached to every violation of the rules, a double penalty, which consists of:

1. Saying a short prayer for the victim of our unkindness.

2. Performing some act of kindness towards that person that same day. If the latter is impractical, a second short prayer as short as "My Jesus, mercy" or "Jesus meek and humble of heart of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine", or as long as 1 Our Father.

Simple enough, isn't it? And how easy! Of course we shall all want to join. And how much happier we should all be and all those with whom we come in contact with. What one must do to join is to simply decide to be a member and no enrollment is needed.

Should anyone be enthusiastic enough to want to spread the Fraternity by trying to persuade others to become members, as we shall all want to do, then that person can be considered an Apostle of kindness.

The patron and model of the Fraternity of kindness is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning with love for all mankind.

The reward for the faithful observance of these rules is to be beloved by our associates and most importantly, by the loving Heart of Our Redeemer and then one day hear these joyous words; "Come, ye blessed of My Father, possess the kingdom prepared  for you from the foundation of the world, for whatever you did to the least of My brethren, ye did unto Me".

Please offer 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.



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