I am a mother of 3 from Manila, Philippines. I believe that my purpose in life is to help people gain freedom from emotional, physical and spiritual suffering. If I can alleviate any form of misery on anybody, then I would be very happy. For this is my calling, this is God's plan for me.

I did not have a close relationship with God when I was young though. In fact, I couldn't even finish the rosary and I didn't enjoy hearing Mass. I thought it was all boring and uncool to be pious. But that all changed when I turned 18. It was not an ordinary rite of passage for me. It was actually supernatural because during that time my family and I were being attacked by witches. It was a very dark moment in my life and I could only thank the Lord, Mama Mary, all the angels and saints for helping me survive all that mental and physical trial. Whenever I find myself in pain, I pray the rosary, sprinkle some holy water and light an incense. Then whatever curse or hex that was put on me would be gone. I will be healed by God's grace. Since then I have been collecting prayers or discovering ways on how to grow closer to the Lord. And my wish is for every person on earth to learn how wonderful and beautiful it is to know God's love for us. He is the ultimate healer and I am just his instrument. All power and glory comes from Him.

No I'm not perfect and yes I still sin. But I never lose hope and I always have faith that God will see me through, He will never let me down. Everyday is an opportunity to serve the Lord and to serve others. And the best way to reciprocate God's love is by going back to Him and never stop having a relationship with Him. For His mercy is limitless and overflowing. And no one else can love us unconditionally. And my dream is to let everybody see that we can be happy, if we only let God love us and if we love others like the way God loves us.

I thank the Lord for my trials and failures, for without them I will not seek the comfort of His arms and the fountain of His mercy...

O Divine Physician, use me to become a healer. Make me Your conduit of healing love.

Contact me via email: wenkots@gmail.com


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