August 13, 2005

I send the greatest graces of healing for souls who have been misused by those claiming to work for My Church. Dearest souls of the Kingdom, you must understand that such abuse was never willed by Me. I,your Jesus, can only will what is good. In this age of disobedience, many souls have departed from My will. They follow their own will and seek their own interests. Your suffering is the result of such self-will. Heaven views everything. I do not turn away from even the basest, most evil sin, because I must witness all that occurs on the earth in order to judge in all justice. I am aware of what happened to you. Those responsible will face Me and there will be no hiding, I assure you. My justice will be complete. I am speaking now, not to those who committed these crimes. They must repent and their repentance is a separate issue. Souls guilty of such acts must seek absolution in the Sacrament of Penance. Today I speak to the victims of such sin. Dear soul, I will heal you. I have your healing here and you have only to ask for it. I want your soul to be the most beautiful and pure soul possible. There is so much that the Kingdom of God needs from you. There are souls in pain whom you can help. I want only what is good for you. You have suffered at the hand of one who served the enemy. You can accept bitterness, yes, because this is your choice. Or you can come to Me, Jesus, and allow Me to heal your heart and soul and restore you to the dignity that belongs to you and that can never be taken by force. There are always those who commit sins such as these. But when a soul claims to serve heaven and exploits those around him for selfish purposes, the wounds go very deep. I know this. You were betrayed, dear soul, and what happened to you was also a betrayal of Me. I take both betrayals seriously. For this reason, I am allotting unlimited graces for your healing. Come to Me and let Me remove your pain. I will do this for you. And you will serve the Kingdom in great joy, and together, you and I will have destroyed the bitter plan of the enemy.

St. John the Apostle

Dear souls, I am so grateful to come to you today. I love Jesus so much that I have difficulty talking about it. I want to try, though, because I want you to love Him also. Jesus is so good and kind. His heart is rarely moved to anger. Well before Jesus feels anger, He feels pity and compassion. He so understands humanity and the sufferings of humanity. The situation on earth at this time, when certain servants of Christ have abused those around them, has caused Him to suffer and grieve. Jesus is kind, yes, but He is also moved to anger when humanity strikes out at each other in cruelty. And who can say that these attacks on innocence were not cruel? This is the worst that humanity has to offer and these sins will be punished. We do not talk about punishment often because God is so merciful and when souls repent, He forgives. But there is also the fact that sin can cause damage to others. My friends, the ones responsible for these attacks are not only responsible for the damage they have done to you, but for the damage they have done to the universal Church during a period in history when souls badly need to rely on their Church. This period is ending, through God’s mercy, and the Church will be restored, but the damage will have to be recompensed. This is not your concern, of course. Your concern is Jesus Christ and your soul’s relationship with Him. I am coming today to beseech you to allow Jesus to heal your wounds. Come back to Jesus and allow His grace to remove any bitterness you feel. Tell Jesus what is disturbing you and what you would like Him to remove and He will do this for you. When someone is injured by another, it is easy to feel great anger at the offender. I understand. I felt this myself when I lived on earth. Jesus showed me that the anger I was feeling damaged me more than any crime committed against me. In view of this, I had to make a decision to let go of the anger and consign the one who hurt me to God’s justice. I walked away from the anger and left it with Jesus. I want you to do this, too, so that you can be joyful again. There are souls reading these words who have already done this and they feel peace. I am glad. There are also those reading this who have not been able to recover. Ask Me, John, to help you. I have such influence with Jesus because I love Him so much. Jesus cannot refuse souls who love Him. This is good for you to know. Perhaps, though, you are angry at Jesus. Perhaps you blame Him for allowing this attack on you. My friend, my dear friend, Jesus did not do this. He did not assault you. You may say that Jesus allowed it, yes, and He has also allowed you to commit many sins. This is because Jesus has given you free will, the same way He gave the one who assaulted you free will. Jesus did not give your assailant free will so that he could assault you. He gave this person free will so that the soul could choose heaven freely. You have been given free will for the same reason, so that you can choose the Kingdom of God. What will you choose? Will you choose darkness simply because someone else did? Of course not. You see the folly in that mistake. You would not want to hurt someone else as you were hurt. Let me help you to move away from this.

St. John the Apostle

When you come to heaven, you will understand everything. Heaven is a joyful place, filled with happiness. There is only love here. I want to explain something to you about the souls here. They all experienced some kind of pain when they lived on earth. The experience of being in exile, in humanity, insures that some pain will be felt. Suffering comes in so many ways that it would be tedious to list them. But your suffering will not make you stand out here in heaven. You will fit right in. There is something else I should remark about the souls here. They all forgave someone for something. Often, it is hardest to forgive injury committed against someone you love. When your loved one is hurt, you can be in the same situation as the victim, only worse. Often the victim will move past the pain and forgive, but loved ones continue to suffer. This compounds the problem. The darkness then spreads further. One thing is for certain, my friends. You will forgive before you come to heaven. You would not want to be here and be angry because you would be uncomfortable. I know that some are thinking that it will be impossible to forgive the wrongs that have been committed against them. And you may be right. For you to obtain this forgiveness alone is impossible. But all is possible for Jesus. He can do anything. Ask Jesus to place this forgiveness in your heart so that you can be healed and move on to all that is good and holy. Tell Jesus that you are afraid to ask for forgiveness. Perhaps you really are not sure that you want this gift. You see, if you hold on to your anger, you have a reason to be unhappy and that means you do not have to change. Change can make people fearful. But it is time to change now. I am John and I love you. I can see your struggles and I want to help you. It is for this reason that I am gently asking you to give this to Jesus. Let Jesus do all the work. He will take your anger, He will replace it with forgiveness, He will heal your heart, and you will learn to love Him like I love Him. And you will be happy. And I will be joyful. And when you come to heaven, I will be here waiting for you and I will congratulate you on making such a wise and brave decision. 

St. John the Apostle

Dear soul, did you suspect that I would ask you to pray for the one who hurt you? You knew that I would, I am sure. There are some who are doing this. Well done. You understand, perhaps, God’s wrath, and you correctly wish to deflect it from anyone. There are some who sigh greatly and say, “My goodness, this John asks a lot.” I do, my friend, it is true. But I do not ask for myself but for you and the good of your soul. And I ask for Jesus, too, because I see His pain at your distress. Jesus wants you back in His Sacred Heart where He can nurture and protect you. Another very important reason I am seeking you out is because of the good you are destined to do for the Kingdom of God. We need your service, dear apostle. You cannot be out of commission during this time because you are important and we need all souls on earth working for God. There is nothing as joyful for heaven as a soul who has been hurt, who forgives, and who then seeks to assist others. This gives the greatest meaning and benefit to your suffering and completely negates the damage the enemy wished to spread. It is like you are saying, “No. I reject darkness and it will not be spread through me.” This thrills us, the saints, because this is what we did and it is for this reason we are saints. You are being called to be a saint, too. Say “yes” to Jesus, He will heal you and you will begin to work for heaven. 

St. John the Apostle

Jesus brings good from bad. He is the Master of bringing good from bad. You may not be able to imagine how Jesus could bring good from what happened to you but I promise you, He will find a way. Trust Him to do this. Rise each morning, give Jesus your day, tell Him that you trust Him, and watch the good He will bring through you. Dear soul, you have a great deal to offer heaven. Be deeply peaceful during this time and allow Jesus to quietly, gradually, heal you and make you holy. Be open to His love and to the love of others, as best you can. Jesus will do the rest. You will begin to know joy again. You want this, I know. There are souls who have been walking in darkness and they are weary. If you are one of these souls, give Jesus your hand and He will give a mighty pull. With all heavenly power, Jesus will wrest your soul from darkness and pull it into the light. Perhaps you are concerned that you have also sinned. Perhaps, in your pain, you began to walk a path that does not lead to Jesus or to heaven or holiness. Perhaps you are fearful that given your own sins, Jesus will not want you to work for the Kingdom. Remember how I told you that heaven is filled with souls who have been hurt? It is true. But these same souls who fill heaven have also sinned. Our Lady often comforts souls this way. Heaven is filled with repentant sinners so if you repent, you will fit right in with us in that way also. None of us judges. We leave that for Jesus. You do the same. Confess your sins and step away from the patterns that are hurting you. Come back to Jesus now in all trust. You are welcomed and cherished. Only good things will result in a decision for your God. Close your eyes and know that the forgiving eyes of Jesus Christ rest upon you. There is nothing to fear. He understands everything. 

Blessed Mother

My dear little children, I am with you. I am Mary, your heavenly mother. I see everything that has happened to you and my heart aches with your pain. For a mother to see a child injured in any way is dreadful. For a mother to see the trust and innocence of her child betrayed is almost unendurable. And yet I have had to endure this, not only during this time, but also in the past. The consolation I rest in is the ability of my Son to heal and reward. He heals injured souls and restores them to purity. He then rewards them with unimaginable generosity for the goodness they allow to flow through them into the world. This consoles me. Just as I see your pain at the betrayal you experienced, I watched my Son’s pain at the betrayal He experienced. Such benefits came from the Passion of Jesus. We are all reaping the benefits. My dearest little child, will you place your hand in mine and let me help you? If you do this, I will be certain that you get to Jesus and remain with Him. He will heal you. And then the world will benefit from your suffering because Jesus will flow the greatest rewards through you for your decision to forgive. You can obtain healing graces for your soul, but also for all the souls around you. Ask Jesus to grant graces for your loved ones. He will do this. And you will understand that Jesus can turn your pain to joy. I am your mother and I love you most tenderly. I will help you in everything. 

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