December 20, 2006

My dear ones, you worry for your children. I understand. Your worry is a sign that all is right with you because a parent who loves their children feels concern for them. Usually, children follow the way set out by their parents. This is good if a parent is following the path that leads to Me. Currently, we have trouble with this. Here is why. Many parents have abandoned the path that leads to Me and their children do not have a good example to follow. Perhaps this describes you. If this describes you, it is important that you find the path to Me and begin to climb toward Me. Your children will notice this and you will then be setting a good example. If you are estranged from your children and do not see them, you will have to make contact with them and explain that you are sorry for any mistakes you made and that you are following My path now. Tell them you hope and pray that they will also follow Me. My grace will be present in this situation as it is in any situation where I am welcome. I will help. Perhaps you have always followed Me but your children have strayed from the path and are spending their time in the world, away from Me. This causes you grief, I know. Pray for your children but do not become preoccupied with your worry about them. If you are connected to Me, I will be  with your children. I will wait for a moment when their hearts are open to Me and I will fill them with graces, healing their wounds and softening their hearts. I do this constantly for holy parents and I will do this for you. Do not worry that God will abandon your children. A parent’s prayers are powerful and these prayers are inspired by Me. Understand that you are working with heaven and with Me to convert these children. In order to console yourself, look at the love that is in your children. Look for any evidence of goodness. Remember the goodness your children showed to you when they were young. There you will find hope of that same goodness returning and growing when your child is converted.
Be at peace, dear parents. God loves your children, too. Heaven will not forsake them. I see their wounds and understand what led them away from Me. I, even more than you, have compassion for their pain. I, even more than you, know how to heal their wounds and restore them to wellness, emotionally and spiritually. I am aware of every obstacle to holiness that they face, just as I am aware of every obstacle to holiness you face. I want you to be holy. The best way to help your children is for you to be holy. I ask you today to concentrate on your own holiness. If you do this, I will inspire you with exactly the right course to take to help your child. I keep My promises, as you know. Strive to be holy and I will help your children.

St. Monica

How heavy is the heart of a parent when their child has abandoned morality. This causes a pain that does not heal until the child has returned to God’s path. I understand this burden because I carried it myself. Jesus seeks to help all such parents because He also understands this burden. With heaven, the priority is always personal growth in holiness. For this reason, God uses every experience we have on earth to make us holier and to bring us closer to Him. If we are close to God, God can use us powerfully and this helps the family of God. At this time, heaven has a need to bring light to a dark world. It is the darkness of the world that has distracted God’s children. Perhaps your child is among these. Jesus is telling you that the best way to help your children is to become holier and holier so that His light can flow into the world through you. When a soul participates with God in this process of renewal through their personal holiness, God experiences great gratitude. God denies that soul nothing and the soul has great intercessory power. If you work for renewal through your attempt to become holier, God will reward you. Part of the way God will reward you is by reclaiming and healing your children. Believe this, my dear parents. It is true. Jesus promises all lay apostles that He will pursue full conversion of their loved ones. Jesus does not make this promise lightly. Jesus intends to keep this promise. If you work for Jesus, you are doing what you need to be doing for your children. There is an excellent opportunity for holiness in this situation and that is by practicing trust. When you trust God, you are free to be joyful in His service. If you look at your children and feel distress at their condition, but then turn to God and trust Him with these children, you will know joy. It is good to tell God that you trust Him. It is good for God to hear this because it consoles Him. It is also good for you to hear yourself telling God that you trust Him as you will begin to believe. I am going to give you this advice and then I will pray that you take it. Each time you feel worry over one of your children, say, “Jesus, I trust in you. Take care of this child.” If you feel worry for one of your children one hundred times today, say this prayer one hundred times on this day. Believe me. It will work. I will be helping you with this and praying for grace for you. This is a new way to proceed because you are actually fighting the enemy’s attempt to distract you with worry. I will be working with you and with heaven in the struggle to reclaim your child so you are not alone in this project. Show Jesus that you understand His great power by trusting Him.

St. Monica

There are good ways to prompt conversion in your children. The best way to prompt conversion in your children is to love them, even in their error. When you are with your children, show them God’s love by loving them. Do not focus all the attention on their errors or on the areas where you disagree with them or where you believe God disagrees with them. Instead, shine the brightest lights on the areas where you agree with them, where you feel God agrees with them, and where you see hope of greater goodness. What is it that God is consoled by when He looks at your child? Find this in them and talk about it. Your children will see God in you if they see God’s love in you. Treat these loved ones in error the way Jesus treated those who were in error. Jesus was kind and loving. Jesus loved each person on earth individually and totally. You must look at each of your children with the Lord’s eyes and love them individually and totally. This can be difficult, particularly if your child is behaving in a way that is not lovable. In fact, it is most clear that you will not feel this love in your heart if your child is behaving in an aggressive or hurtful manner. This is no problem if you work with heaven because Jesus will put His love in your heart. In this way the renewal begins in your family. God’s love is abundantly available. God’s forgiveness is also abundantly available. Ask God to send forgiveness to you so that when your children look into your eyes, they see only love.

St. Monica

There are those among you who are wondering how to reconcile your feelings about your child’s sinfulness to your faith. In other words, you believe perhaps that your child’s soul is at risk because of the behaviors being practiced by them. You possibly feel concern about their bitterness or rebelliousness. I will tell you that each family on earth is a model of the bigger  family of God. God is telling you through this apostolate that each apostle brings light to the world through their commitment and service. It is the very same in your family. If your child is in darkness and is being deceived into thinking that sinful behavior is acceptable, you have all the more reason to allow God’s light to flow through you. Through being exposed to the light, your children will begin to understand what is dark. You should tell your children in the greatest love that you are concerned. Tell them why you are concerned. Give them anything that will help them. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated and stand firm in your beliefs, my friend, but do not ever leave God’s love. Most particularly, you must love your children while you are explaining your feelings about behaviors or attitudes that you find concerning. Indeed, it is at this time when you must allow the most love to flow through you. It is not appropriate for you to make judgments, of course. Only God can judge. Only God knows the true nature of the wounds in your child and if your child feels judgment from you, your child may turn further from Christ. Remember that Jesus came not to condemn but to save. Your interactions with a loved one in error must reflect the goal of saving, not condemning. Oh my dear parent, I feel your concern. I feel your heartbreak. Loving each other with God’s love creates vulnerability to this type of hurt. Parents are well familiar with the hurt of rejection. I am cautioning you to love because heaven seeks to pull your children back at this time and heaven does this most successfully through love. Pray and be at peace. You have more help than you can possibly imagine.

Blessed Mother

My dear parent, how my heart hurts for you. I understand the pain of worrying over a child. I know that you worry because you seek to prevent additional pain for your child, regardless of their age. I know that you see their path and you fear trouble ahead for them. I also see this and I will help you to call your child back to God’s path. We do this in great love and gentleness. This is the best way. I will give you my gentleness and with it you will melt your child’s heart and create in them a longing for goodness. There is no circumstance that should cause you to give up hope. I will not allow you to give up hope. Even as you read these words I am obtaining fresh hope for you and with this hope I am also obtaining a spirit of calm that will enable you to serve in peace. We will surround this child for you. We will protect this child. If your child has died and you worry for their salvation, I ask you today to stop. God is all-merciful. Trust in His goodness. The good God could not face a parent who trusted Him and disappoint that parent. Your greatest weapon in the battle to save your children is trust in God. Use this weapon and be at peace because I am your mother and I read your heart effortlessly. I will help you. Your battle is also my battle. 

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Promise from Jesus to His Lay Apostles:

May 12, 2005

Your message to souls remains constant. Welcome each soul to the rescue mission. You may assure each lay apostle that just as they concern themselves with My interests, I will concern Myself with theirs. They will be placed in My Sacred Heart and I will defend and protect them. I will also pursue complete conversion of each of their loved ones. So you see, the souls who serve in this rescue mission as My beloved lay apostles will know peace. The world cannot make this promise, as only heaven can bestow peace on a soul. This is truly heaven’s mission and I call every one of heaven’s children to assist Me. You will be well rewarded, My dear ones.

Allegiance Prayer
Dear God in Heaven, I pledge my allegiance to You. I give You my life, my work, and my heart. In turn, give me the grace of obeying Your every direction to the fullest possible extent.

Morning Offering
O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You the prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, and for the intentions of the Holy Father. Amen.

Five Luminous Mysteries:
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3. Jesus’ Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
4. Jesus’ Transfiguration
5. Jesus Institutes the Eucharist

Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King
We seek to be united to Jesus in our daily work, and through our vocations, in order to obtain graces for the conversion of sinners. We pledge our allegiance to God the Father. Through our cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we will allow Jesus to flow through us into the world, bringing His Light. We do this in union with Mary, our Blessed Mother, with the communion of saints, with all of God’s holy angels, and with our fellow lay apostles in the world. As Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ, the Returning King, we agree to adopt the following spiritual practices, as best we can.
1. Morning Offering, along with the Allegiance Prayer and a brief prayer for the Holy Father.
2. One hour of Eucharistic Adoration each week.
3. Participation in a monthly lay apostle prayer group, which includes the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and the reading of the monthly message.
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5. Further, we will follow the example of Jesus Christ, as set out in Holy Scripture, treating all others with His patience and kindness.

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